About TheCuckoldConsultant Chat

Take your cuckold fantasy to another level! This site is here to help you reach your goal nice and easy, and moreover, you can get tips from experienced cuckolds. Because no one here is to judge you. This community belongs among the strongest cuckolding community on the entire Internet. Welcome to, the ideal place for every cuckold. But today, we are not here to review the website itself, but only one part. And the part is one of the most important here because we are talking about the chat. The biggest cuckold chat you can find. Where you can share not only your dreams with others. But you can also give tips and tricks to soon-to-be-cuckolds. Let’s see what they’ve got for us.


If you want to find the way to the chatroom, you have to click on our link, or you can get there through the homepage. There you can read a lot of useful information about cuckolding, but as we said, we are focusing now only on the chat. In the section Community, the first link takes you to the chatroom. Before you enter the chat, you should read its rules to avoid any misbehaving. We can also read that the chat is the place for cuckolds, hotwife husbands, stags, bulls, and cuckold wannabes. If you belong to one of these groups, feel free to enter the chat. If you are just curious, do it too. Maybe you will change your mind after some time here.

You don’t need to register if you don’t want to be part of the community. You just create a guest login with your nickname, age, and gender, and that’s it. Of course, if you want to get involved actively in the chat, we recommend creating your own profile where you can write your details visible for other users. But as we said, for lurkers or occasional visitors, the guest account will be fine. After a minute, the pop-up window will tell you that you are unmuted, which means you can now freely discuss.

What is TheCuckoldConsultant Chat about?

Now, we can finally enter some room and look at what it looks like inside. There are 14 rooms total in the lobby; some of them are opened for every user, some are only for registered users. We will look into the biggest room here – Cuckold Chat. It’s the main chatroom here, and we are curious about what we can find inside. We already see there are 600 people in the room, so there will be probably a lot to be looking forward to. Aaand yes. We’re not disappointed! We are inside for about a minute, and we already got tens of pictures of hot girls prepared to fulfil your cuckolding imagination.

You won’t be scrolling fast enough to catch every single post. If you focus only on the pictures, you are not able to read any message in the chat. That’s how overcrowded the main chatroom at is. But we are not angry. Not at all. Because we came here precisely for that. You get pictures and gifs of real amateur girlfriends and wives. Would you believe it’s better than a real porn site? This place is simply crazy! We are finally together with people with the same taste and kink. It can’t get any better.

Content - Chat, Pictures, Gifs

If you want to contact anyone from the chat, all you have to do is to find their nickname on the right side of the page and send them a private message. Alright, now we understand what the main chat is all about, and we can try another room. We will definitely come back here later, but that’s for our personal purposes if you know what we mean. To get back to the lobby, just click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, and select the Lobby option. Other rooms where you can meet almost a hundred people online are Just Your Wife and Interracial Room.  

The chatroom Just Your Wife is a more intimate place where people show their real girlfriends and wives. Not pictures from the Internet. To enter this room, you need to be a registered user. We totally understand that. The Interracial Room is freely available for anybody, and as you would expect, you can see here images of white women and real big black cocks destroying their tight pussies. Interracial cuckolding is not for everyone, but watching your wife being stuffed by that BBC is something you will remember for the rest of your life.


We won’t name all 14 chatrooms, but you can also visit the Sissy Cuckolds, Fetish Cuckold Porn, or Degradation & Humiliation rooms. We tried them all, and we have to say, this is the place where we’ll be coming back more than once a day. If you want to discuss the topic deeper, you can use the Forums, where everything is much clearer, and you get more information than just tons of pictures. But for a quick wank, TheCuckoldConsultant chat is the ideal place!