About MyMiniSexDoll

How crazy is the idea of fucking a sex doll with which you can do anything? It’s a pretty tempting idea. We’re not gonna lie. Today’s realistic sex dolls are as hot as never before. Not only you can choose your new perfect partner, but you can also do whatever you like with her. And today, we are gonna look at a website that brings something new to the market with sex dolls. There are many sites selling dolls and other sex toys. But have you ever heard about mini sex dolls? Realistic dolls that are not higher than 139 cm (4.6 ft)! How amazing is that?! You can finally try all Kamasutra positions with such ladies. Let the site introduce to you all these beautiful silicone girls!


We can talk about ourselves as sex dolls specialists, but there is always something new we have to try. And this time, we couldn’t refuse a chance to meet the hottest mini sex dolls. For midget porn fans, it’s the ideal opportunity to get an artificial dwarf girl to their bed. But even if you don’t have a midget kink, you will have a lot to do to not spend some time on this amazing website. From the first view, you wouldn’t say they are so little. Their face is pretty, their tits are perfectly shaped, and we don’t even need to talk about their bodies. We simply fell in love with them immediately.

Now we are on a MyMiniSexDoll homepage where we learn the most important things about these beauties. First of all, we can see different categories from which we can choose our future sex partner. There are Flat Chest Sex Dolls, BBW Sex Dolls, Japanese Sex Dolls and more. Of course, we will browse through all of them later. But we already understand what we can expect. And it really gets us to the mood, if you know what we mean. Then we can see the best selling mini sex dolls, take a look at other stuff they’ve got for us, and read a guide for beginners that tells us which doll should be the best for us. We already have some experience, so we take our own steps to the shop.

What are the best mini sex dolls?

We have a few options for how to find our desired little girl. That sounds quite creepy, we are well aware of it, but there is nothing we can do about it. Just look in the eyes of the Japanese schoolgirl, and you know she would be a perfect fit for your cock. And don’t worry, mini sex dolls are completely legal. Ok, enough talking, let’s look at them. We want to explore the smallest of them, so we choose the option “Shop by height” and select the first category. And here we are. Their height starts at 100 cm (3.3 ft), and we are instantly amazed!

We were talking about Japanese schoolgirls, and right away, we get Maggie. A busty petite girl with big innocent eyes who is trying to cover her huge tits. She really deserves to be taught how to use them properly. We can also have a few customization options. We can decide if we want to have a built-in vagina inside her. If we want her to be able to stand and have pubic hair. MyMiniSexDoll has only a vagina, so you can’t stick your dick in her ass or mouth. But that pussy will be so tight, you won’t need any other hole, believe us. Our Maggie is also one of the cheapest ones, and we can get her for $369.

Looking for customizable sex dolls?

In our selected category, we counted 44 mini sex dolls of all possible types. From busty girls to flat-chested ladies to curvy dolls. Some of them have even unreal tits that are too big for them to handle. There are also many girls who are fully customizable. If you want a specific eye color, skin tone, head wig, or even nail color, you can simply change that before you put her in your shopping cart. Together with your mini sex doll, you also get a few gifts such as underwear for her, a hair comb, or gloves. And what is even more important, they say, you can achieve more than 45 sex positions with MyMiniSexDoll. And we are ready to try them all!

If you come here for little girls, you get 95 sex dolls under the height of 138 cm (4.6 ft). But they also satisfy your needs if you want an adult sex doll who is higher than that. Of course, a higher sex doll means a higher price. But we are willing to pay for perfection. For little dolls, the price usually goes under $600. For bigger girls, you need to pay over $700. But you can also find exceptions. If you’d love to fuck Ebony BBW sex doll Denise that is 138 cm (4.52 ft), you have to pay $1,079. We have to mention also sex torsos that are the cheapest variant if you want to stick your cock to some silicone pussy. They are around $200, and you get not only pussy, but also perfect tits on the torso.

Shipping on MyMiniSexDoll is free!

Another great news, the shipping is worldwide free! You can be anywhere, and you don’t have to pay a penny for the delivery. And what is even better, once you make the payment, you get your sex doll within a week if you choose a sex doll that is already in stock at their US/EU warehouse. Of course, if you customize your sex doll, the working procedures take a longer time, and you will wait longer depending on the types of customizations. In the meantime, you can think about all the things you will do with your new MyMiniSexDoll.

There are several delivery companies you can choose from, and then there are also several payment methods. The fastest way is using your credit card. You don’t have to worry because the payment is secured and it’s completely safe. The second option is Paypal, but you have to keep in mind that you can’t use any sensitive words related to sex in your payment message. And the third option is using your Aliexpress account, where you get a discount coupon of $9 as a bonus. Whatever payment method you choose, you can be sure the sex doll is already looking forward to meeting you.


Are these girls capable of fulfilling all your sexual dreams? Totally! Choose your dream girl, welcome her in your bed, and destroy her pussy in all possible ways. is the perfect site where you get the hottest sex dolls in all sizes. Starting from child-sized sex dolls (100 cm), where you can choose from almost fifty types of girls. All of them are made from TPE and high-quality silicone that is not only easy to clean but also very comfortable for touching. Enough talking, go get her!