Am I Gay? How do I know if I am Gay?

Everyone supposes you are straight. But what if that might not be true? What if you find out there's something you don't understand yet, that may suggest you could be gay? We are here to answer all your questions, to give you advice on how you can easily know your sexual orientation, plus we give you tips on what to do when you find out you are gay. Of course, we give you also porn sites with the best gay porn movies. After reading the entire article, you will be one hundred percent sure about your sexual orientation. We will look a little bit deeper into the problematics also from a medical aspect, and we're gonna find out if there's any possibility of affecting the orientation. All in one, right here and right now.

Everyone is gay

Quite a bold statement, with which you can't argue. We tell you why. You can divide attraction into physical and mental. In the beginning, we'll speak about physical attraction. Imagine you are one hundred percent sure you're not gay. But then you go to the gym and see some handsome muscular guy. You can easily tell he's attractive, right? Now, is the one hundred percent still so solid? Or should you doubt yourself? Now, you should understand what the statement "everyone is gay" means. Because anyone can be easily attracted by a person of the same sex. But if you don't want to fuck that dude in the ass or let him pound you from behind in the shower, you can be quite sure you're not gay. At least, not at that time. But everything can change. But that's another story.

First signs you might be gay

When you ask your gay friends when was the first time they found out they might be of a different sexual orientation, their answers will probably vary. Someone knows that at a very young age, someone finds it out in their adulthood. But every one of them will tell you about the first signs, which lead them to the conclusion, they are gay. At first, it's hard to notice any of those signs. Because you still think you're straight, and you're not willing to admit that those signs may mean something. But they may.

Gay sex dream meme

Among the first signs definitely belong sex dreams. Every night the same dream is coming back. But in the place where you'd expect a crazy hot girl, there's your male friend or some random boy who's trying to seduce you. You think there's something wrong with you because you don't mind having such dreams. And you can't help yourself, and every night you hope the dream will come back. Is it time to admit that this is it? That this is the sign, which tells you the news. Or is it not that easy, and dreams don't mean anything in reality?

Someone will tell you that dreams are the reflection of reality. Are they? You've got tons of weird dreams in your life, and if you should believe the only tenth of them, you would simply lose your mind. But that's not the point. As we said, the dream itself could mean nothing. But then there's a thing, whether you like the dream or not. And we're getting back to our story. This is the first sign you should pay attention to. If you love homosexual dreams, you should be prepared for the possibility you might be gay. What's next?

How can I be sure? Is there any Quiz to help me to know?

Sex dreams are only one little sign that can help you identify your sexual orientation. But, of course, there are things to which you should pay even more attention. Let's talk about porn. Everyone watches porn nowadays. It's free on the Internet, and it's accessible to everyone. If you still don't know if you should head to the section with gay porn movies, just play any porn you run into first. And now comes the moment of truth. If you're straight, your eyes will follow the female pornstar's tits, ass, and pussy. That's how it works. You try to avoid looking at the man's cock as much as possible. But. This can be a really crucial fact about your sexual orientation. If you like watching the male pornstar and his big dick rather than looking at the wet pussy of that hot model. It's almost decided.

There's simply no way you would love to watch the penis if you're straight. That's it. That's the truth. Girls are what you want to look at. You want to see their naked bodies, to imagine their huge tits in your hands and your cock pounding their tight cunt. If you don't have such feelings, you probably don't need any more advice. Because you just found out that you are gay. Now you can calmly switch to the gay porn category. We'll give you tips for the best gay porn sites later.

Bisexual Threesome FMM

This could be called a porn gay test, but you can't expect to hear about it officially. No one will recommend you to watch porn. Unless someone knows about porn really a lot. Just like we do here at ThePornLinks. With this test, there could be one problem. If you're a parent or friend of someone, and you want to identify their sexual orientation, you just don't want to watch porn with them. That's why many people look for some quizzes on the Internet, which should help them ask the right questions.

If you find some of these crazy quizzes, you should decide whether those questions are suitable for your child/friend. These questions can be really uncomfortable, and they could feel bad about it. It can cause that your kid won't want to talk about it with you anymore. Or never again. You should choose only the right questions and talk about them naturally. For example, if you are in the clothing store, you can ask your kid or friend if he likes something from the woman's section. That's a harmless question, and he won't be suspicious about it. That's how easy it is. You don't need to look for gay quizzes. You can come up with your own questions that will help you to identify your child's or friend's sexual orientation. And if you want to take some gay quiz because you are still not sure about your own sexual orientation, believe us, they won't help you. You won't find anything new about yourself.

I think I'm gay or lesbian - what now?

Alright, you noticed the first signs, you did the gay porn test, and everything implies you are gay. What a news! For someone, it can be an unpleasant finding. Another one is already reconciled with it. But the hardest part is yet to come. What should you do now? What are the first steps after you find out you are gay? Answers to these questions are really subjective. Every person is different, and everyone will take the news in a different style. But you should know, there's nothing bad about being gay. And you should believe, everyone will accept you as you are.

Zilv Gudel - the best gay pornstar

When you accept your sexual orientation, everything becomes easier. You will be self-confident, gay jokes won't hurt you anymore, and you can live your life. But let's see what your first steps as gay should be. You are now in a situation when you know you're gay and you're ready to start a new life. You are thinking about what it'll be like, what everyone will say about it, and you go through all the bad scenarios that can happen. But do you really think it's so bad to be gay?

Nowadays, the LGBT community is stronger than ever. No one will make fun of you or bully you because of you being gay. That's the past. Now, you have more opportunities, more respect, and more people you can talk with about your feelings. So, what should you do if you find out you are gay? You should be positive, find new friends if it's necessary, and start living your gay life. No one can stop you. Only you and your bad thoughts could hold you back. If you accept who you are, it's the right time for coming out.

Should I tell anyone? Coming out

That's really not the question you should be worried about. Because, of course, you have to tell someone. At first, you should definitely go to your family. It can be the hardest part, but you want them to know it first. They can react in several ways, but you're still family, and they'll love you no matter what. And from that time, it'll be much easier. You can talk with them about it and, in the end, it can bring you closer. Alright, now, your family knows about your sexual orientation. What seemed to be the hardest part was not so hard at all. Because now comes the real coming out.

It will go way faster than you'd think. Once you tell someone the news, you don't have to be worried that you would have to say that to anyone else. You know how it is. Your friend will say that to other friends, they will tell their friends, and here we go, everybody knows you are gay. Now, you'll know your true friends and even make new ones. You'll get popular around girls, and every boy will envy you. Isn't it amazing?

What causes orientation? How to affect the orientation?

Maybe now, even you, a straight guy, would like to change your sexual orientation. Is it possible to change your sexual orientation? Imagine you're in a situation when you think you've got a better relationship with male friends, it's more fun to spend time with them, and girls really don't like you. You've got a few gay friends, who are nice to you, and they even try to seduce you. But here, we have to stop. Because no matter what you do, you really are not able to change your sexual orientation. That's simply impossible. You can act like a gay, you can wear female clothes, but deep inside, you're still straight.

If you're desperate enough, you can let your gay friends fuck your virgin ass one day, but is that what you really want? Probably not. Many people also ask what causes the orientation. You have to believe, if we knew that, we would tell that. But there are tons of scientific studies, but no one ever was able to answer this question. It comes simply naturally, and you just can't do anything about that. But as we said earlier, you have to accept that, and you have to be proud of who you really are.

What about sex if I'm gay? The best gay porn sites

When you're young, sex is not the first thing you think about. But later on, your hormones will start working, and you need to deal with it. You can see romantic relationships between men and women in movies, ads, or simply anywhere. When you open any porn site, you'll see everywhere hot busty women with their legs wide spread and waiting for a huge cock to fuck them hard. But that's really not something that can help you to understand how gay sex works. That's the reason why it'll be harder for you to understand what gay sex is like, but in the end, you find out it's much simpler than having to deal with a woman.

We won't give you instructions on what is the best position to fuck your partner deep in his ass or how much lube you need to use. But we will give you a few porn sites, which will help you with your horniness. Of course, the first porn site we have to mention is Pornhub. One of the biggest porn sites in the world offers you the option to switch the site into a gay mode. All girls are gone. Now you're in the world full of hard dicks and tight asses prepared for the wild ride.

The second porn site we'll talk about is Czech Hunter. This is not only an amazing gay porn site, but it's also the winner of the Pornhub Awards 2020! If you love the Public Agent porn style, you'll definitely love Czech Hunter. And the third site we have to mention is the infamous gay porn site CockDude. This gay porn site is completely free, and you can find here thousands of the best gay porn movies. Big black cocks, straight guys sucking dicks for their first time, or ultimate group sex orgies. Everything in one place.

Am I gay? Now I know!

Here we are. Right now, you have to ask yourself the question again. Am I gay? But this time, you should know the answer. You should know if you want to call your gay friend and invite him to your bedroom. Or if you want to jerk off while fantasizing about a hot female pornstar riding your dick. We're not here to judge, nor tell you what you have to do. But remember our words. Be proud of who you are. And don't let anyone hurt you only because of your sexual orientation.

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