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What does it mean, cuckolding? Why is it so popular?

Hello dear cuckolds, I am here to show you what to expect when you let your girlfriend get fucked by another man. But I have to welcome also newbies, who try to understand, why is cuckolding so popular. Let’s start with some questions for a general audience. Have you ever thought of your girl getting fucked by another man? It’s hard to think about it, right? You would probably break up with her if she did it. But what if I tell you, someone is dreaming of his girl being fucked by some big black cock. Moreover, they want to watch that. Alright, so this was the answer to the first question. Cuckolding means watching your partner having sex with another person. For most people, this is unthinkable in a relationship, but many try this way to bring new energy into their sex life.

Usually, the cuckold person is a man. A submissive man. He somehow likes it when he watches his lady having sexual intercourse with another huge cock. He must have so much trust in his girlfriend, that she will no leave him after that. Just imagine, you fuck your wife for ten years, it’s, of course, boring after that time, and now she fucks some young man with a bigger penis. Do you think she will want to have sex with you again? Or will she rather fuck that guy and enjoy the best sex in her life? The answer seems quite clear, but it’s not always like that.

You have to think positive when you want to try cuckolding. Because it’s a win-win situation. You will feel enjoyment while watching your wife getting pounded in her ass, and your wife will enjoy better sex than you could ever offer her. But, there is also another type of cuckolding. Not every man likes the view of his girl sucking a big black cock. But he doesn’t have a choice. Because in some relationships, the submissive man has to listen to his mistress and do anything she likes. Now she wishes to fuck another man, you have to watch. But that’s not all. Some of the dominant ladies go beyond that. They don’t let her slave only watch all of that. They make the man join them. Now the cuckold must suck the dick or lick the cum out of her domme’s creampied pussy. It’s just not easy to be a cuckold. If you don’t want to be one, you can at least watch the best porn videos, where you can see those hot moms getting fucked hard in front of her husband.

Are there any free cuckold porn sites?

Cuckolding is mostly an amateur thing. Of course, you can watch professionals doing that, but you know it’s not real. But if you see some cuckold on a homemade sex tape, you know it’s probably real and that you can wank your cock easily watching that. It will probably be in poor quality, but it’s not about seeing every detail. It’s about the action itself. To find free cuckold porn videos, you don’t need to search very long. Because you can usually find those videos on some free porn tube, such as Pornhub or XVideos. We have chosen for you the site XNXX where you can find more than fifty thousand porn videos after you type cuckold in the search bar. Hot amateur wives trying their first big black cocks are waiting for you there as well as young teens showing their boy how to fuck her properly. Everyone will choose here.

Recommend me some quality cuckold premium porn site with a lot of content

But if you want to see the real cuckolding, you have to visit other sites. Those sites are focused only on cuckolding, and they have a large community of cuckold lovers. They share their home videos, they can give you advice on how to make your experience better, or you can just chat with them. The biggest cuckold community is on the site TheCuckold. You can go through much content here. Photos, videos, or cuckold events. You just need to become a member, and you will have access to all of that. Your cuckold career can start right here and right now. You find other biggest cuckold pages under this article.

What is the purpose of cuckolding?

Everyone has some fetish. Someone loves foot, someone loves pissing, and someone likes to watch their babe getting fucked. It’s in everyone’s head, and you just can’t control it. It’s only up to you if you will listen to your head, or you will fight with it. So the main purpose of cuckolding is to satisfy your needs. This is the case when you are the one who wants to be a cuckold. Another case is when you are a submissive man, and your dominatrix decides to fuck some dude. The purpose of this kind of cuckolding is usually the punishment, to humiliate the man. To show him, he has no power in the relationship. You can choose whether you want to watch the first case or the second one.

How to tell my girl I want to try cuckolding?

After watching a few porn videos with this scenario, you can imagine what it would be if you were the cuckold. If you like that idea, you should plan how to tell your girlfriend that you want her to fuck another boy. It’s not easy, and if your relationship isn’t solid, you could ruin it. Only with that idea. Of course, the higher probability of ruining your relationship is the cuckold action itself. You should start easy, try to suggest her, she may like to fuck another cock, and then you can reveal her your wish. Now it’s only up to her. You shouldn’t force her to do it. If she wants to do it, she will do it by herself, don’t worry. If she doesn’t want to, you can show her some of your favorite cuckolding porn videos you find on the sites below.