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Cuckold and trends

Cuckold is an old fetish, probably the oldest one to be honest. If you think about it, the people were cheating on their partners since the beginning of civilization. The cuckold itself is not cheating, but have a close to that, then anything else. If you consider a cuckolding, then you must know that there are two main courses — a submissive man or a Dominant man, therefore submissive & dominant wife. The best way to begin with cuckold fetish is to try some swingers party. You can find out if you are more in humiliation or being humiliated. The modern trends in cuckolding are slightly progressing. Nowadays, people try many other fetishes to combine with it. As an example, some couples experimenting with BDSM (they hire domina and stuff).

Bounded while masturbation?

The main aspect of cuckolding is the fact that both partners have to do it willingly. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot combine it with some of your fantasies. For example, the husband can be bounded and therefore humiliated by the thug who the fuck his wife before his eyes.

Wife for share

As in swingers, the cuckolding is basically wife-sharing fetish. On many forums, you can find insertion from husbands who are looking for a wife to share. This new rental system could be exciting. I call it wifebnb heh. On sites like Ourhotwives, you can find a wife to share in the no time!

Design of Ourhotwives

As you can expect from forum-like pages, the design is not an important aspect of it. Ourhowives have an ugly blue-white design, with not many features. What is main here is content. It is everything about threads and posts and comments. The site is responsive to all devices. A mobile-friendly environment is necessary today.

Naughty fetish

Cuckold is a naughty fetish, which could be mastered in many ways. That's why you need sites similar to Ourhotwives. Without it, you would be just a small fish in a big ocean of unknown. 

Honourable mentions

  • Forum
  • Huge cuckold community
  • Benevolent rules


  • Forum: Massive forums with many threads dedicated to the cuckold fetish.
  • Registration: Easy form of registration, you gain access to writing posts and creating threads.
  • Community: Members of cuckold fetish united under one flag, share knowledge and wisdom together.
  • Threads: Thousands of threads about cuckold fetish.
  • Rules: Before you start to debate or to ask questions, read rules.
  • Faq: If you can't find an answer in the rules, you can check faq for frequently asked questions.


Ourhotwives, the forum is a place to discuss with people like, who got similar lusts as you do. You can chat about swinging, cuckolding, hot spots, personals interests, hotties, and also, feedback is welcomed. Feel free to join a huge community who shares answers to the questions, and have the same desires as you. Many people organize a swingers party trough this forum or looking for people who will fuck their wives. This site is more about community, and it is for people who like this lifestyle. If you are looking for good masturbation material, then you maybe will be disappointed here.