Description of cuckold

Multiple languages have a name for it. In the English, the correct term is Cuckoldism, in Italian candaulesimo, in Spanish candaulismo, in french candaulisme. The meaning of this therm could be explained in many ways. The so-called man, Cuckold and his partner, so-called hotwife, share the same passion. The wife wants to either humiliate her partner or herself. It is not just about sex. Sometimes, exposing a naked body of wife to another guy could be enough for her husband.

The biggest cuckold's community declares that they are the biggest cuckold community page. Honestly, I think it actually could be true. After writing reviews to many cuckolding sites, I have a feeling, that other sites have no active community of this fetish at all.

Facts about TheCuckold

There are many misbeliefs about a cuckold. Due to this reason, I like to write some facts out. Firstly, a submissive man does not need to be bounded. It is just porn production's strategy to make videos more engaging. Secondly, it is not always about sex, and sometimes, touches and looks are enough. The main objective is to humiliate or be humiliated. Therefore, a simple exposure could be enough. If you are interested in more facts, you could read some of our blogs!

Swingers, voyeur, cuckold

There are very tight boundaries between these fetishes. They are usually connected together. You need to be a voyeur to be a cuckold or swinger. You can share your wife and observe as a true cuckold. Furthermore, while swinger parties, you can't avoid being a voyeur. Do you see what I did there? The porn world is connected if you see it or not.

Hardcore penetration

What has hardcore penetration has to do with cuckold? An answer is easy. This fetish could serve good for the purpose of cuckolding. If we have a sadomasochistic alpha dominant husband or nymphomaniac wife with the dominant position, humiliation could be incredible.

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