The cuckold world

The great world of fetish lusts awaits you — the kinky desires which fill our day with enjoyment and meaning. If you wanna know something about cuckold, you can either google it or trust me. In the next sentences, I will try to explain what cuckold is and why people do that. Before we start, you need to know that there are two main waves in cuckolding. The first, submissive husband want to be humiliated by his wife. Do you ask how to achieve it? The best way is to fuck with other guys while he is watching. The second, alpha partner, forces his wife to fuck with other men to humiliate her. Both of these waves have a similar desire to humiliate.

Anal fuck as humiliation and punishment

There is no better punishment for a wife then anal penetration from a black guy. This is also very humiliating for her if she is an innocent little woman. This form of punishment is often combined with deepthroat or gagging. Sometimes the wife is also double penetrated. Oh boy, what a boner!

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Sex as punishment

Could it be a sex form of punishment? It could be if your wife is a shy girl. Alpha male could be very excited while another guy fucks his wife in front of him. This kind of sexual behavior can lead to a huge boner and, a poor wife could be fucked multiple times before a husband will have enough.

About porn business

It is hard to place for young women. The porn industry chews and spits out many poor girls. Some of them who withstand it could make a fortune! Many end up as cheap whores. Either way, we won — more porn for us, or cheaper whores in whorehouses.

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