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On one side, we have a voyeur husband with dominant or submissive cuckolding desires. On another side, there is a hot wife who loves her husband and wants to satisfy him (or she just wanna try other dicks instead)! However, all we need now is some random guy who will fuck the wife, and we have a great setup for cuckold. 

Abused wife

No matter if the husband is dominant or submissive, the wife will do all the work. All the man needs to do is stand aside and observe. This lust is here since forever. According to Herodotus, Myrsilus king of Lydia, also known as Candaules, expose his wife to his bodyguard Gyges because he does not believe that she is hot as king described. As you see, the humiliation has strong roots also.

Cuckoldplace description is simply designed porn site with black - gray - white colors. You can say, it is a direct extension of its brother because it looks like these two pages cooperate. While the first one is more about forum and community, the second one is about porn videos and pictures. Due to easy design, the page is mobile-friendly.

How to start with cuckold

There are many ways how to start with it. I think the best place where to start is at swingers parties or public beaches if swingers are too much for you. It is simple, take your hot wife to the beach, go away from her, and just observe men around her. 

Shareable sluts

If your relationship with your wife is strong, you can try some forums where people could offer their wives to share! There are also cuckold forums where you can find guys who will fuck your wife in front of you, to either punish her or you. 

Honourable mentions

  • Nice tags presentation
  • Good amateur videos
  • Extended search


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Summary brings you quality amateur and professional videos with cuckold fetish. You can find here great inspiration for your own adventures or just for masturbating. Due to Playlists, you can find here many combined lusts. Release your desires and find anything you want to. You deserve to be happy. However, the page lacking community options as a forum or chat, if you are looking for that, better try other sites from our list.