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Bethecuck review

Be The Cuck

Be The Cuck Review

What does it feel like to be a real cuckold? If you are not used to watching your wife or girlfriend being fucked by another man, we are here to give you that experience. Of course, your wife can watch these scenes too. But later, you will be the one who'll be only watching. Let us introduce to you the magnificent porn series Be The Cuck from the Adult Time production.

There is always someone who would like to fuck your wife. Your neighbor, best friend, or new colleague at work. Are you ready to fulfill all her fantasies? Are you ready to finally let her experience a real orgasm? Yep, she was never happy with your performances in bed. Everyone in the building knows she was faking her orgasms. Except you. But now she can finally be happy. The ultimate cuckolding experience you can't refuse is too close!


Everyone is worried that one day, their partner comes with the sad news. "I want to break up". Why? Usually because of some handsome man. Is there any chance to save the relationship? Ask your slutty wife. She likes you, but there is something you can't give her. A huge cock. But there is always a solution. You let her cheat, and she won't leave you. Sounds fair. Until she decides, she wants you to look at her wet pussy being destroyed by that big dick. Are you willing to that? Or do you love that idea?

Don't answer these questions until you watch the Be The Cuck series, where you get to know yourself more than ever before. The Adult Time streaming service prepared 6 perfect episodes with the hottest wives on the planet. You really wouldn't be able to share such cougars with anyone else. The horny MILF Alexis Fawx with her unreal huge fake tits deserves an Oscar for her performance in the episode You're Under Arrest, where she fucks with a police officer right in front of her husband. Probably the happiest man in the world until that evening.


Every single episode has its own original story, and you are the closest viewer. Because every scene is recorded from the cuckold's POV. You can enjoy the full hardcore action from the first row. But the cuckold is not allowed to join the act. He has to suffer. Do you remember when you talked with your wife about her dreams of having a threesome? You refused to do that. And now, she's got two guys in the bed, and you're not among them. That's the case of another hot MILF pornstar India Summer who enjoyed two cocks at once while her husband had to watch a big black cock penetrating her juicy pussy in the episode Your Wife's Threesome Without You. Pretty sad.

The entire series comes from 2018 and belongs among the most popular Adult Time original series. And now we know why. The beautiful wife fucking with a stranger is a dream of every submissive guy. To be able to watch the full series, you have three options. You can try the Adult Time subscription for three days for $1. Or you can take a full month for $19.95. Both these plans give you only the streaming option. This means you have to view all the movies in your browser. If you want to download thousands of high-quality porn videos to your device, there is a yearly subscription with an incredible price of $7.95/month. And that's the deal you won't find anywhere else.

2024 UPDATE: What's New on BeTheCuck?

BeTheCuck is an on-going Adult Time cuckold series. And you can be sure they didn't stop even throughout 2023! They still have the biggest cucks in the world to satisfy your wildest kinks and fantasies. BeTheCuck is on the Adult Time streaming platform and you can watch their premium porn videos in up to 4K. Sadly, in 2019, BeTheCuck stopped uploading new porn videos onto their site. However, their premium cuckold porn collection is still worth checking out if you didn't have a chance yet!


All the Be The Cuck episodes are available in Full HD, but all the latest movies on Adult Time offer 4K video resolution. Of course, you are able to rate the scenes and add comments with your opinions. And if you want to have these scenes always prepared for your wank sessions, you can add them to your favorites list. It's never too late to become a cuckold. Maybe, now, it's the right time for your decision.

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