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About TheHandy

From Scandinavia to your bedroom. From boring masturbation to thrilling orgasms. This is The Handy. The ultimate handjob machine. We are glad we can welcome you in the future because you are about to experience something you didn’t think was possible. There are many ways how to make masturbation special. You can use fleshlight, you can buy a sex doll, but nothing brings you such a pleasure as this charming thing. Don’t you believe it? Maybe you will after you read the next lines where we give you a detailed look at The Handy with all the features it offers. Yep, the future is here.


Let’s look first at the official online shop you can find at The website welcomes you with the video introduction, and you find out pretty quickly you are in the right place. Of course, you will want to learn as much as possible about this machine before putting it in your shopping cart. And that’s why we are here, and that’s why you can get every information about The Handy on their website, especially in their FAQ section. There are around 80 questions answered, and we recommend visiting this section if there is something not clear to you.

And if you don’t find an answer there, you can visit their Reddit thread, r/theHandy, where the community members share not only their experience but also their tips and tricks. The thread is official, so you can expect The Handy team to react and to help you with anything. Back to the website, where you can visit the Shop or Support sections and also the Blog section with useful information. The most exciting section, Handy Feeling, will take you to another official site where your first steps after purchasing The Handy will be heading.

The Handy and Its Features

We are getting to the shop, where we discover not only the machine but also a few accessories. It’s important to say that if you purchase The Handy machine, you get everything necessary in the box. You don’t need to buy anything extra to use the sex toy. In the box, you can expect the machine, power supply, power cable, TrueGrip sleeve, TruGrip band, and manual. We also highly recommend buying The Handy from the official website. The shipping to Europe and US is free, and for some small fee, you can order the machine from anywhere in the world. There are some countries with import restrictions, so better check the FAQ section.

Why is The Handy so special? Have you ever had a feeling like fucking a real pussy of some hot supermodel when masturbating? It’s pretty hard to reach such an experience. But The Handy tried to get as close as possible to it. All you need is to plug the machine into a power socket and put your penis inside the sleeve that is super flexible and pleasurable. Then you attach the sleeve to the machine using the True Grip band. And then you are free to go. You control the machine with buttons, and you are able to control the speed and length of the strokes. That’s how easy it is. You can find a video of The Handy in action on their website. And that’s really not all.

Sync The Handy with Porn Movies

It sounds like an ordinary sex toy for men. But it’s capable of things that will take you to the future. Just like we promised. Because you can connect The Handy to your Wi-Fi and use its other amazing features. We start with the unique technology that syncs porn movies with the machine. Can you imagine it? You can watch a hardcore action, and the sex toy will make the same moves as the cock in the video! What a feeling! But that’s still just the beginning. Because to make your experience complete, you can dive into Virtual Reality. And now, you really are the one who’s fucking that pornstar. How long can you last?

There are sites focusing on porn videos with scripts for such sex toys, and you can find them on the Handy Feeling site in the Partners section. If you’ve got a favorite porn movie, you can even make your own script! The choice is yours. And you can also choose to let someone else control your machine! If you are connected and online, anyone who’s got your access code can control your orgasms. And that can be really exciting. Just like letting your girlfriend play with your cock by adjusting the speed of the strokes of The Handy.


Taking masturbation to whole another level! All you need is one sex toy for men, and it will take care of the rest. The official online shop offers not only The Handy machine but also extra band and extra sleeves. The TrueGrip sleeve comes in the box together with the machine. But for another feeling, you can purchase three other sleeves for soft, medium or hard experience. For $204, you and your penis get hours and hours of unleashed entertainment. With free shipping, it was never so easy to purchase such a magical sex machine.

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