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What the fuck is The Fappening?

The Fappening refers to an event that happened in September 2014, where nude photos of celebrities like Rihanna or Selena Gomez were leaked. Hacker, possibly Ryan Collins, hacked iCloud accounts of many celebrities and got access to their private photos. He did it through a phishing attack using an email that looked like an official Apple message and encouraged people to sign in to their iCloud account. After getting access to their iCloud, he just downloaded private photos of these celebrities. It’s not clear if he also released these photos to the public, but he was the man behind the leak. The nude celebrities pics were uploaded to popular social platforms like 4Chan, Reddit, and Tumblr. Media organizations all over the world caught this news and started to call it the Celebgate.

If you want to know which celebrities got their nudes stolen and publicized, here’s a list that contains some of them: Rihanna, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Vanessa Hudgens, Kaley Cuoco, Avril Lavigne, Mary-Kate Olsen, Amber Heard, and Dave Franco. I guess there’s someone you wanted to see nude in this list, right? What about Kaley Cuoco, a dream for so many nerds all over the world? I bet they were jerking to her nudes until they fell asleep with a dick in their hands. And they probably do it until now.

Since then, many sites with naked celebrities were created. It makes sense because so many people were trying to find their favorite celebrity pics. And webmasters took that opportunity to build huge databases of celebrities pics and made huge sites with millions of monthly visitors. There are two biggest fappening websites, one of them is, and the other one is Both of them are on our list, so you can check reviews we made.

Are those pics of nude celebrities real or fake?

Nude pictures from The Fappening (or Celebgate) case are all real, as it is proven that they were stolen from celebrities iCloud accounts. Other nude photos may or may not be real. Of course, there are definitely lots of real nude pictures of celebrities (mostly tits), but there are also tons of fake photos with celebrities faces photoshopped or deepfaked (btw if you’re into deepfakes, check our best deepfake porn sites).

But honestly, do you even care if it’s real or fake? You think that you see your favorite actor, singer, whatever nude! Her pussy and tits are exposed to you, so you can imagine how it would be to fuck her beautiful pussy and lick her nipples. Human imagination is incredible, but it’s much better if you have some inkling of how she looks under her clothes. In case you want to see just real celebrities nude pictures, we recommend you to stick up with the biggest sites – you can find those at the top of the list.

I heard about Celeb Jihad. What if the difference between Celeb Jihad and The Fappening?

Celeb Jihad is the biggest site focused on naked celebrities on the internet. The Fappening has two meanings: 1) Name of the case from 2014 when leaked photos were published. 2) Name of the second-biggest nude celebrities site – TheFappeningBlog. It isn’t very clear with all these terms, but sometimes people talk about the whole case and sometimes about a particular website.

Should I be scared that my nude photos could be exposed?

Are you a celebrity? If not, it shouldn’t be a big deal if a few people will see your nudes. But of course, no one wants this. If you want to secure your photos, you should focus mainly on your smartphone, because that’s where all your photos are. Setting up at least six digits password to open your device is the first thing you should do. And of course, don’t tell anyone your passwords. The most important password is the one you use in your email. That’s because, with access to email, anyone can use the “Forgot password” feature on any service you use. And to be 100% sure you’re safe, you should definitely use 2-Factor authentication on important services.

The last advice we could give you is to not taking nudes. If you don’t take nudes and don’t store them in your smartphone or PC (don’t forget that deleted files are still in your device in the trash), there nearly no chance that someone ever gets your nude pic.