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Welcome to AZNUDE

The huge collection of nude celebrity images and videos. The best part is that you can enjoy everything for free. Find new videos right on the main screen. You never know what a good fap material you can find here! Thousands of naked celebrities from many films side by side with leaked homemade tapes. 

The world of celebrities

The vast world of women who do anything for fame! Many of young celebrities strip on a big screen just to have an opportunity to get better roles. There are many ways how to get a role. For example, you can fuck with the director of the film. If you still want more, maybe some mistakenly released homemade porn could help. The popular way is to show a nipple on the public. It is effortless to wear a lovely small dress which shows more than hide. Tricky little famous sluts they are! Who cares anyway, all we want to see is some boobies, right?

Who want to see some boobs?

Be honest, guys, who do not wanna see some naked beauty? I personally do! There is nothing better in this world then see stars naked bodies. The bitches earn big money by selling their bodies, which makes them the best-earning Pornstars, haha. Many new-born stars are so horny and wanna show what they got to us. So just let them! Game of Thrones is a nice example of everything. Every bitch there showed something. Their carrier rocket launched to heavens. Emilia Clarke is a hell of a sample. It starts as some stupid blonde in a show which no one knows about end up as a mother of John Conor in Terminator series. Do you honestly thinks, it's all because of her acting skills? Come one!

Rumors and stories

What I like the most about "celeb world" are the rumors and stories around it. You cant speak about celebrities without speaking about rumors. Who sleeps with who. Which women actors have the biggest boobs. Are they natural or fake ones? Which slut slept with the director for a role. There are thousands of stories with this content. 

Shakira showed her pussy

There it is, even big-name as Shakira has to do something to keep her fame up! It is not long ago when she introduces her pussy-cat to the public. Nowadays, she took another step and showed to her fan base other photos of her cat friend. This milf singer is what we can admire, but to be honest, some of their clips look like a porn clip anyway. But she has some moves, boys, I tell you that!

Scarlet Johanson beauty body in hot tube!

OMG, she finally did it! Scarlet shows her whole body in a fucking hot tube! You just have to see that. The bitch shows everything in Saturday Night Live show! Aznude got it!

Ads Ads everywhere!

Azunde has some small problems with minor stuff, but there is a significant error with fuck-load of ADs. If you want to enjoy their content, you need to accept the fact that you will click twice on every link inside. The first click always leads to some fucking AD!

Honourable mentions:

  • Big collection of naked celebs
  • Nic suggestion system
  • Great stories!


  • Categories: More than 2500 categories like Lesbian, Real Sex, Bikini.
  • Browse images: Check photos of famous celebrities naked in films or some leaked footage from real life.
  • Browse celebs: Nice list of world female stars, you can pick from random pick or recently updated pick or sort them by popularity.
  • Browse movies: See naked content from porn to movies that contain nude scenes.
  • Browse videos & tags: Check your preferred videos or tags.
  • Browse playlists: You can browse through user-created playlists and find out whole collections.
  • Browse stories: Wow, more than 16 000 stories await you!
  • Browse porn: Good old porn videos are here also, of course!
  • Search system: Nice suggestion search system, you will always find what you are looking for.


Even though there are shit-load ads on the page, Aznude is still a great place to go. If you want to see celebrities around the world in their sexy nude scenes, you need to view this page. There are not many nice sites with that great design. Everything is easy to use and has excellent mobile responsivity. No matter what you are looking for, you probably will find it here. Sick short cuts from your favorite films with famous stars. However, if you somehow do not find your favorite celeb here, which is nearly impossible, come back to us and find more inspiration here!
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