Top Live Cam Sites

Why are live sex cam sites so popular?

Everyone knows porn. It started with cave art featuring nude females 15.000 BC, crazy, right? In the last decades, we watched porn in paper magazines, VHS, DVDs, and then on the internet. People were mad about all that porn you can access anywhere. But in the last years, there is so much porn that it is boring sometimes. No revolution like when porn started occupying the internet.

And then live webcam sites came to make that new little revolution. Why watching others fucking themselves based on the scenario you saw so many times? What if there is a possibility to be your own director. In the world of live cam sites, you can easily pick one of the hottest cam girls in the world (not kidding) and tell them what you want them to do! There are hundreds of thousands of girls of all ages (of course 18+), body types, hairstyles, and so on. On the best cam sites, there are 5.000+ girls online at one time! And that’s just one site and only girls that are online at that time.

What will these girls do for me, and is it free?

These two questions are related to each other. In general, these girls will do a lot for you. It depends on what they like and what they are willing to do. This is different for every girl. But these girls voluntarily joined these sites and are ready to show themself. They often use huge dildos, fucking machines, or remoted vibrators that vibe in reaction to your tips. You can even find there more niche related girls like femdom mistress or girl who loves making ahegao faces while fucking her pussy with dragon dildo.

And is it free? Yes and no. Some sites allow nudity on free sex cam. You can watch these girls enjoying squirting orgasms, stuffing dildos and whatever they find into their holes, and do other kinky stuff. And you can view this free sex cams for FREE! There are thousands of people watching a girl you’re watching right now and sending her money in the form of tips/tokens/credits. And you can watch her wriggle in orgasms as others pay her to turn on her vibe to the max.

BUT, you can also purchase tokens/credits and experience all the advantages of live sex. For example, you can invite a girl to a private chat and talk with her. You can tell her what you like, what you want her to do or just talk about ordinary things. And she’ll be cute, she’ll give you her smile and will do all the kinky stuff you want. And that is something you won’t experience on free chat. Another advantage of having tokens/credits is that you can send PM to these girls. Or buy their Snapchat accounts where these girls share their personal life along with nude pics and videos of them. This is something you can’t get for free. But don’t worry, it is nothing expensive.

Basic packages start around 5-10 USD, and you will enjoy lots of fun with that. You should try it at least, because, for the cost of 2 coffees, you can experience something you totally fall in love with. Girls like those on these sites would rarely talk to you on the street (check some of the live cam sites on our list and prove yourself – these are 10/10). But here, they’ll do all they can to let you enjoy them. They’ll be nice, they’ll act slutty, they’ll make you love them, and they’ll love you too if you’re a good client.

What are the most famous webcam models?

Well, of course, you would like to know the best of the best right? I will tell you which girls are the most known. But keep in mind that it doesn’t mean they are the best for you. These girls are mostly on free chat, which means that tens of thousands of people are watching them, and there is no chance to get in a private show with them. Also, you know that supermodels may be superhot. Still, you definitely met some ordinary girl in your town or in your country that was so beautiful that those supermodels are nothing compared to her. And this applies to webcam girls too. You can find a girl you will totally fall in love and she doesn’t need to be in the top 10 models. Just saying. And here are the best-known webcam models:

  • Hotfallingdevil (Chaturbate)
  • Sexxylorry (Chaturbate)
  • Sia_Siberia (Chaturbate)
  • LEKSA (Bongacams)
  • Eyescrystalll (Bongacams)

There are definitely many more of them, but you know, some of them have left the webcam industry, so there is no chance of catching them on live sex chat.

What should I do next?

You should take a look at our list of the best live sex sites! There are only the best of the best! If you’re looking for a girl you saw on some classic porn site, you should try Chaturbate and Bongacams first because these are the most famous ones. But don’t limit yourself just on these. I recommend making an account on more sites and try each of them. Maybe you find out that there is no girl you like on one of those sites at that time (models are online at different times due to timezones in their countries), so you check another one. 

That’s all I wanted to tell you. Now it’s up to you. Millions of people tried it, and they totally love it! Are you next?