About Chatzy

Simple, easy, and still so awesome! Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to stay anonymous on the Internet. Once you google something, the results are appearing everywhere, and tons of ads are trying to convince you to buy that product. Maybe you even don’t need any, but they don’t care. And when you forget to turn on the anonymous mode in your browser when watching nasty furry porn, you really don’t want to have that stuff all over your Facebook.

And what is even more important, when you want to discuss anything with your friend in private, WhatsApp or Messenger are not a good choice. So now we finally get to the best solution for everyone who wants to stay anonymous and talk about anything with like-minded people. The unique chat website is here with us for years. And now it’s time for you to explore its perfection.


You probably won’t find a simpler chat site than Chatzy. It’s quite different from other sex chat sites because here, the discussion is not focused only on sex and porn, but you can talk about anything. But of course, when everything is allowed, porn always finds its way. There are three options on how to start using Chatzy. You can Start a quick chat, Create a virtual room, or Find more rooms. Let’s see what the simplest option is all about.

Everyone was someday in their life in a situation, they need to talk to somebody in private. No one ever should find out you were in contact with the person. When you think about it, there is no safe, simple solution. Until you get to know the Chatzy private chat. All you have to do is fill in your nickname and title. Invite mail and the first message are optional. Then you create a room, and bam, here you are. Your own personal chat room. We repeat it again, you don’t need any registration. Now you can send a link to anybody you want, and you have your own safe place.

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Alright, now you know how to talk about your kinks and fetishes in private, but you can also create a free virtual room for anybody being able to join. You will be the head administrator, and you decide what the room will be about. Try to name the room as simplest as possible because it’s pretty hard to search rooms here. We get to that later. There are quite many options on how you can set up the room, but most of them are just visual. When you are done, you create the room, and now it’s accessible for anyone who visits the Chatzy website.

Now we try to find the best sex and porn chatrooms here. We use the section Find More Rooms, where you can see the search bar where you have to type some keyword. That’s why you should choose a perfect name for your own chatroom. Let’s try our luck with the keyword porn. The search bar works like Google, so now we can see all rooms with the tag porn. You can’t know how active the rooms are, or if you find there what you are looking for, so you can waste a lot of time by randomly joining different chatrooms. We tried some of them, and we were not successful with finding some hot porn pictures or discussion.


Never mind, we try it later again. Some of the rooms are only available for registered users, and we don’t hesitate to sign up. Registration is pretty easy; all you need is to fill in your email, which won’t be seen by nobody except you. Now, we can finally get to some special rooms, but even here, it’s quite dead. What a shame. Chatzy is in the business since 2002, and we still hope they can do something to be again one of the biggest online chat websites. Maybe you will be luckier when looking for porn here. Good luck!