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What is so hot on sex stories? Who are the people that write those sex stories?

Dear readers, now you should sit tight, prepare your reading glasses, and make yourself comfortable. Because now we won’t be watching some hardcore porn, now we will engage our head, our imagination while reading the hottest sex stories. If you think they can’t make you aroused, you are completely wrong. So wrong. You would be a fool, not trying to read at least one perfect sex story. But I can’t guarantee you will end by the one story. Because if you taste one, you will want more. And more and more. You will forget that classic porn videos even exist. You won’t need them. The only thing you will need is your fantasy. And those sex stories will help you with that. Some of them are so detailed, you won’t be able to even read them to the end without jerking off your cock. And what is best? You can read them again and again, you can imagine different girls, and you will have fun with all those girls you have in your mind.

When you are watching porn, the hottest part is the fucking itself. You don’t want to watch some foreplay. You just need to see some busty teen getting fucked in her ass by some huge cock, and that’s it. But the story will prepare you perfectly for the ending. Many of those stories are based on real-life experiences, some of them could even happen also to you. Or you can make your own real-life adventure based on the story you have read on the internet. Now you have all the possibilities to make your sex life better. Now you can look into the mind of beautiful girls that write their true feelings and desires. You can try all of that with your girlfriend without her knowing where it came from. You can explore a whole new world only thanks to those sex stories. That’s why people love them the most.

Are sex stories better than porn? Why does it make me so horny?

The answer to the first question is quite subjective. Because some like the real hardcore porn where you can really watch the girl getting fucked, you can watch her emotions, and you can watch the dick pounding her ass deep, but some like more the romantic way. You know, the foreplay, the uncertainty, if the girl will want to fuck, and so on. These things you won’t find in porn. For romantic people, the sex stories are the ideal way, how to make their cock hard or their pussy wet. Yep, sex stories are very popular among girls too. Maybe the best way how to excite yourself is the combination of both porn and sex story. After reading the story, you will be aroused enough, but porn will make you cum in seconds.

And why are the sex stories so powerful? Because you will imagine in your head the real-life scenario and so you can fool your cock to think he has to go to action. It’s easy, but it’s really working. You don’t need some pictures, the story will tell you to the details how the girl, you are ready to fuck, looks like. You just need your hand to make yourself pleasure, and the story will take care of the rest.

What should I expect from sex tales?

If you don’t expect anything from the sex stories, they will surprise you. And I mean you won’t be able to stop reading them. When you come across your first sex story, you will think it’s too long, and you won’t want to read that. But that would be a huge mistake. When you start, I can guarantee you that you will also finish the story. And by the end, you will be so horny, your girlfriend should hide somewhere because you will fuck her as hard as never. Maybe she will order you to read more of those stories, or you will read them together to enjoy the best fucking of your life. From the stories, you should expect long foreplay with a simple plot, and in the end, there is always a happy end. And by happy, I mean exciting end full of sex. It depends on the story writer, whether the sex is rough or more ladies friendly. You can find your favorite writers, and you will know, they will never disappoint you.

Where do I find the best sex stories on the internet?

It’s not hard to find some sex stories on the internet, but it’s hard to find real quality. And that’s the reason why we are here to tell you where you can find the hottest sex stories. We have for you more sites below this article, but right now, I have for you two sites, where you can find thousands of great sex tales. The first one is noveltrove, which is great for its easy orientation. On the home page, you can choose the topic you are interested in, and the rest is prepared for your eyes. There are not only straight sex stories, of course. You can read some BDSM texts, First Time or lesbian stories, or stories focused on anal or group sex. Maybe the biggest site dedicated to sex stories is the site lushstories. You find here not only classic stories, but also audio stories, so you can watch some porn and listen to the exciting story. The community is here huge. You can also visit their forum or chat rooms. On this site, there is really plenty of fun waiting for you.

Can I publish some sex story too?

If you have in your head some ideas for the story, you can easily write it down and publish it on those sites. They will review it, the users will rate it, and you can become new J. K. Rowling of sex stories. So easy it is. Don’t be shy, you can publish it anonymously, and no one will ever know, you are writing such as nasty texts. Unless you would want it. Because many girls would love to meet some guy with those crazy fantasies. Maybe you should give it a try.