Candid & Creepshot Sites

Who are the candid girls? What is a creepshot?

These two words can sound unfamiliar to you but don’t worry, we are here to explain them to you. The first question is, who are the candid girls? Literally, candid means honest, sincere, frank. That’s not very helpful, isn’t it? But if we look at it from a different perspective, the candid girls or candid pictures mean they are taken without being staged. Simply, naturally taken pictures without a pose. That’s why we love these girls because they are beautiful just as they are.

Then we’ve got here the word creepshot. You would probably guess what that means. But let’s look at it closer. Creepshot is a combination of two words – creepy and shot. And it is a picture that is taken without the consent of the person on the shot. It’s quite hard to take pictures like that, but we will tell you how to do it later. We have prepared for you the best candid and creepshot sites where you can see naughty pictures of amateur teens, busty MILFs in the kitchen, or hot girls on a beach.

Is it illegal to take creepshots of hot girls?

In fact, that is a quite difficult question. But, if you are in a public place, it’s safe to say everyone can take a photo of you. Then it depends on how the picture is used. The photo can’t be used for commercial purposes. That’s the number one rule. It also has to be used without violating the privacy rights of that person. It’s hard to explain it, but if you take a picture of your female schoolmate where her nipples can be seen, it’s pretty clear you are far away from taking legal pictures.

So, there are rules for taking pictures without having the permission of the subject. And then there are rules you have to follow when you want to use the pictures. If you have hot girls in your area, just take the best pics and post them anonymously online. The adult websites will take care of the rest, and you don’t have to be worried. Moreover, those girls often post pictures of themselves almost naked on Instagram anyway.

What is the best way to take pictures of women without their consent?

To take the best pictures of your beautiful female friends, you have to be careful. Creepshots are called creepshots for a reason. You have to act the least creepy you can. Favorite pictures are the ones from behind where you can see the perfect asses of teen girls. At the same time, these shots are the safest. But that’s just for the beginning of your career. Because you want to see more, and your audience wants to see everything. And here we get to the tough part where you need to be careful even more and where you will need creativity to take the best creepshots.

You should avoid going to ladies’ bathrooms and take pictures there. You should think of other ways to get the perfect pictures. When a girl is sitting on a chair, and you are standing above her, there is always a chance of catching her cleavage. And maybe you will get even more if she’s got a not fitting bra. Of course, you can’t just pull out your phone and start taking pictures. You have to fake your activity on the mobile phone, and during that, you point the camera to the right spot. And here you go. Your creepshot is ready to make it to one of the creepshots porn sites.

Where do the porn sites get all the naughty pictures?

The most important thing for creepshot porn sites is the authenticity of the pictures. You can’t take a picture from Google and think it’s a good creepshot. The administrators of such websites have to go through all kinds of social networking sites and find the best pics for their collection. Usually, teen girls don’t mind posting pretty bold photos on their profile pages. It’s only a matter of time before someone finds them and post them to some of the adult sites. If you find somewhere your neighbor, your schoolmate, or even your girlfriend, don’t be mad. Just enjoy the view and also let other horny guys look at the beauty.

Show me the best candid and creepshot sites!

We try to do our best and find for you the best candid and creepshot sites. There are not many sites like that because it’s pretty hard to have original content. Moreover, it takes a lot of work to constantly look for new pictures. If you are new to this kind of adult entertainment, we would definitely recommend visiting the SexyCandidTeens site, where you can see the perfect bodies of young girls. They don’t know their ass is famous now. But we don’t care. We just hope there will be more creepshots of gorgeous ladies in leggings, in bikinis, or completely topless.