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More than 35 000 released leaked videos! It is a truly crazy number! You can't even imagine that content. Explore this wild number of videos for the whole year and still not see everything. The funny fact is that many of these sluts make a nude scene officially. They do not even need to make sex tapes because they usually fuck right on the stage! This is not a joke. Many testimonies & videos prove that most of "sex" scenes are not fake! The actor willingly had sex to make a scene better! Aren't they little slutty pornstars, all of them!

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We are living in the age of Instagram & Snapchat models. To be honest, there are many advantages and disadvantages. For example, in just a few clicks, you can find many photos and nude photos & videos of any women on the earth. The price for it is that we are slowly lost our privacy! Not that I care, guys! I gladly sale my privacy for some spicy photos of Ariana Grande (naked), haha. This so-called "stars" often sue many companies for taking advantage of their private materials. What does that mean? Sluts want more money! That's right, everything is about money. We are lucky that there are many brave sites like Scandal Planet, which presents us with good sex material for free!

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Many young women who try to a breakthrough in movie & sing business. There are not many ways to do that. For example, you can work for your whole life, making songs or filming short advert clips and you never got a chance to enter the big league! That's why a lot of these new girls try shortcuts. One of my favorite ones is that they show some nipples on public, or the brave one shows a pussy! This usually can have fatal consequences, so bitches try other ways also. What is easier than spread legs in front off some famous director or studio owner? You never guess how many of these stars become famous thanks to that. With Scandal Planet, you have the opportunity to find out how many whores are in Hollywood!

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The Instagram models well knows that they are not allowed to show pornographic content on their accounts. Slutty little devils, find out a way how to fuck with the system! They all have a private SnapChat channel and send nudes to their fans there! This is clearly the way how to increase your Instagram follower base in the no-time. You can't even believe what they are able to do & give up! Unfortunately, or as I say, fortunately, many of these sluts cross boundaries and get a ban on IG acc. Do you ask why? It is so easy! Most of these crushed stars can't do anything without this. Like they literally do not know how to work and make money! I think you well know how there usually ends up. Spoiler alert! (From start to the PornStar!)

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This is what I wanted to show you for the whole time. The biggest advantage of Scandal Planet is definitely the CELEB porn section! Even a famous actor and nowadays a British princess Meghan Markle shot her own porn video! Whaaaat???

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