Few words about cuckold

I bet that you heard about cuckold many times before. However, you probably do not know what exactly it is. Porn productions often combine fetishes and make meaning of cuckold very unclear. So, what it really means? In the beginning, the cuckold meant being a husband of an unchaste slutty wife. So, this fetish is one of the ancient ones. Over the years, the meaning changed many times. Today, there are two ways of cuckold. Either there is a submissive or dominant husband. The submissive husband watches his wife's sex with other men to been humiliated. On another hand, the dominant partner looking forward humiliation of his wife.

Born to humiliated

Many studies show us that being a submissive cuckold could be a born attribute. Some men are literally born to become humiliated by their future wives & girlfriends. They are even looking for partners unknowingly in this way.  An interesting fact is, an alpha cuckold is something you can grow over time.

Slutty wives

Do you have a slutty wife? Yes? Then you are a lucky bastard. Of course, from the first view, this could be bad. But if you are benevolent enough, you can take advantage of this situation. For example, go for swingers! If you are in cuckold, I think your wife would love it.

About Cuckporn

The page focus on cuckold videos, mainly on amateur one. The design is composed of purple and white colors and has not many elements. Still, it could look like a little bit unorganized from the first view. Many videos will redirect you to another page, and some are shared via iframe. Because of that, is hard to speaking about mobile responsivity and stuff.

Stranger fuck her

Are you in the cuckold, but you do not know how to tell it to your wife? No problem, friend, you can find a guy and tell it straight to your wife when she comes home. You deserve to be happy!

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Cuckporn is one of the pages that which you will not love from the beginning. At first view, you can say the page is not good looking at all. However, just after, while you will find out that content is so great, you will forget everything else. Despite the fact that this page is lacking community options, you can still rate videos that streamed there. Unhappily, there is no space for comments.