Cuckold and its ways

There are two main directions in cuckold fetish. Either a man is an alpha or woman is. Therefore, an alpha man likes to see his wife humiliate by other guys. An alpha woman likes to fuck with other guys while the husband is looking. The main goal of cuckold fetish is to gain erotic excitement from the humiliation of your sexual partner. For the submissive man, it is a moment when someone else is fucking his wife. He self-punish himself by watching it. For the dominant man, it is a feeling of superiority over his submissive wife. He has excitement from her humiliation and degradation.

It is not cheating when both know

Many people consider cuckold fetish as cheating. But they are wrong. It is not cheating when both partners agree. The most important part of a cuckold partnership is trust. When partners do not trust each other, then their relationship will probably end soon. To enjoy cuckolding, both partners need to be ready to see each other as a sexual object and keep this on the physical level only.

Cuckoldplace a home for cuckold fetish

Cuckoldplace - The home of cuckold kinky desires. This is the right definition for this forum-like porn site. You can find here everything from classic porn pics&vids to romantic & rough stories about cuckolding. If you are new in this fetish, you can find here many useful bits of advice. Therefore, if you are an experienced professional, you can share your knowledge with the rest of the members. The page has a simple design with orange-white colors. Few text buttons and threads, that's all you can find here. Not that it is not enough. Due to lack of options, the page is scaleable, therefore, responsive at all devices as mobiles.

Cuckold stories and fantasy

Find inspiration or extend your imagination with many stories and fantasies, that you can find in Cuckoldplace threads. You will be surprised in the right way with the quality of stories that you can see there. After a while, you will be able to find all the answers to questions that you even don't know before.

When she cries

When she started crying, a fan is starting. Alpha dominant cuckold husband says. This is what the dominant guys want to see. Crying wife pounded hard to the anal is like gun-powder for imagination.

Honourable mentions

  • Forum
  • Huge community
  • Easy to use


  • Homepage: You can find main forums right on the home screen.
  • Forum:  Great forum with many threads.
  • Members area: After a quick registration, you gain access to the member area.
  • Polls: Check a list of all polls
  • Chat: You can chat with other members anytime.
  • Registration: Takes a moment of your time, and you will be able to debate with hundreds of people with cuckold lusts.
  • Community: Vast community combined from people who love cuckold fetish. 
  • Threads: Hundred of threads dedicated to cuckold kinky desires.

Summary is not exactly a classic porn page even though you can find countless porn material here. A forum like a page with many threads will lure you and never let go. If you are a fan of cuckold, or you want to know more about it, then there is no better place for you. However, if you just wanna jerk it off fast, then try other sites from our finest lists.