Looking for the Best Sex Dolls in 2021 [GUIDE]

Best sex dolls guide

Modern days require modern solutions. Why looking for a dream girl when there are so many hot ladies waiting just for you? Don’t waste time dreaming about all the stuff you would like to do with your crush. Because now, it’s the time when you can fulfil all your desires with the most beautiful girls. We mean, with the best sex dolls! They are not taboo anymore. Sex dolls are pretty usual nowadays, and you wouldn’t believe how perfect they can be. The days of inflatable dolls are long gone. Now you can get hyper-realistic silicone sex dolls of all kinds. And we are here to bring them closer to you in our ultimate guide. What are the most popular sex dolls? How to choose the best sex doll? We have answers to all questions.

How to choose a perfect realistic sex doll

Getting yourself a new sex doll is an entertaining journey that always ends up with complete satisfaction. If you, of course, choose the right doll. Although it’s strictly subjective, you can use some advice to make the best decisions. We visited one of the biggest sex doll shops in the world JoyLoveDolls.com, where we had the opportunity to go through hundreds of realistic sex dolls. Choosing the right one sounded pretty complicated, but it turned out to be a great experience. And after a while, we found our new sex partner.

When you first visit such a shop with the goal of finding the perfect girl, you could be quite lost. Every single sex doll looks so hot, and you’d like to fuck with all of them. Assuming you are not a crazy millionaire, you have to pick carefully because sex dolls are really not cheap entertainment. Their prices usually go from $700 to over $2.000. You have to always look for verified brands where quality is guaranteed. Among the best sex dolls producers belong WM Dolls, JY Doll, or YL Doll. There are also premium producers whose dolls are expensive, but their quality is on the highest level (Doll Forever, 6ye Doll).

We all want our doll to be not only beautiful but also very comfortable for touching. And that means you should look for TPE sex dolls. TPE is a special material that is perfect for dolls. You will love to touch your girl, and she will love to give you a perfect titjob if you add a little bit of lube. This was the important introduction, and now we can finally look at all these girls. They are hot, they are sexy, and they are waiting to be our next fuck toy. That’s pretty rude, but that’s another advantage of these silicone girls. Because they don’t have feelings.

Introducing the most popular sex dolls

Now, when we know where to look, we can get closer to our desired sex dolls. The best thing you can do is to set a goal how your future lady should look like. That should filter tens of girls and narrow your selection. The fastest way of finding your dream girl is to use categories. You can sort all sex dolls by their body type, genre, brands, material, breast size, or age. There are also male or shemale sex dolls! But once you visit the section with teen sex dolls, you will hardly looking for a way back. We leave the searching on you because now, we are going to look at the best-selling sex dolls on Joy Love Dolls. It takes just one click, and we are on the page with the best sex dolls.

Among the 6 most popular sex dolls, we can find all kinds of women. Pretty amazing. We start with Annika, who is a perfect girl with huge tits. H-Cup boobs fit her perfectly. As you surely know, every sex doll has its name. So it’s pretty easy to find her later if you remember their names. Annika has not only big tits, but also her ass is incredible. If you want a petite teen girl, she is not the right choice. On the other hand, Emma, the busty skinny sex doll, is ready to be fucked in any position. Her petite tanned body and black hair give her a spectacular look. She is number five among the best sex dolls.

Another petite sex doll is called Rebecca. Is it possible to fall in love with a sex doll the moment you first see her? Surely is. Because this redhead teen is simply stunning. Her seductive eyes are irresistible. And we are not even talking about her perfect body and tits. Ok, we have to move on because the number three is already waiting. And it’s the blonde young slut, Kendra. You know she loves to be fucked from behind because her long pigtails give you a chance to hold her tight while penetrating her tight anal hole. Yep, another important information, you can use not only the pussy of the sex dolls but also their ass or mouth!

The best realistic life size sex dolls

Alright, we get to the second most popular sex doll. And it’s Tori. The premium curvy TPE sex doll that is ready to satisfy all your needs. She’s a big girl, and we can’t imagine a better girl next to which we’d like to wake up every morning. And yes, we all know how every morning should start. But now, let us introduce to you the best sex doll in 2021. Her name is Anastasia which is a synonym for perfection in this case. Gorgeous blonde teen with a petite body, ideal tits, and small ass. We are not surprised she is so popular. Look her in the eyes, and you will never think of another girl!

Every sex doll is made to meet your highest expectations. But if you’d like to change something on your future doll, feel free to do it. Because JoyLoveDolls lets you make a few customizations for every girl. You can select a body type, skin tone, and vagina type. Here we recommend using a removable vagina because of hygiene and maintenance reasons. Then you can add some premium upgrades such as body and vagina heating system, moaning, or even breathing. What a day to be alive. You can also change the colors of their hair, eyes and nails. And select a leg type, so your doll will be able to stand. But if you are still not satisfied, there is an option to create your own sex doll!

Create your own custom sex doll

What an amazing opportunity. There are hundreds of beautiful sex dolls, but you still have a chance to customize your own silicone doll. A doll that will be original, unique, and you will be the only one who will be teaching her new things in bed. Because you know, all sex dolls are virgins. How hard is it to design your new sex partner? It’s as easy as it gets. All you have to do is choose a body type, and the rest is just a few clicks to bring her to perfection. Your first decision is about the head. You can choose from 40 head types! From cute teens to horny Japanese girls to MILF stepmoms.

The next step is choosing a skin tone. Your dream of having an ebony beauty is closer. Then the premium upgrades come. You get the USB vagina heater for free, but you can also add the full body heater. A hairstyle is another step towards a perfect sex doll. And now we get to more exciting things. Because you can add a tongue to the doll’s mouth. And you know you want that. Just like you want soft & natural boobs. Also, nipples get special treatment, so you need to select nipple color and width. Then we get to the vagina type and pubic hair. Followed by selecting skeleton upgrades. Did you know your sex doll can be capable of holding things? She can jerk you off with her soft hand! Works like a miracle. You can also add some useful accessories to your doll, such as vagina cleaner or shemale kit. If you like it that way, it’s only your choice.

Should I buy a silicone sex doll?

If you still hesitate, you probably still haven’t looked at all the gorgeous sex dolls. With these silicone girls, you will never feel alone again. Moreover, they are ready to fulfil all your sexual dreams. You can try every Kamasutra position if you want. And you know, they will never say no. Every time you get in the mood, they will be there. Waiting for your dick. You can choose the girl of your dreams, or you can even create one. The possibilities are endless with the best sex dolls. And from today, you know where to find them. The JoyLoveDolls shop is looking forward to your visit.

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