How to convince a girl to have anal sex?

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Lets first start with what is anal sex? Anal sex can be done in many ways. You can stimulate the anus area only with the tongue, what is called riming, fingers, or penetrate the anus with your dick or toys. In this article, we will write about how the girl should prepare for anal sex or how the boys should convince their partners to have anal sex. It is crucial to be satisfied on both sides to have a great time and pleasant experience. If one of the sites will be not happy or you can also hurt the other person, you can be sure that he/she will never repeat it, so bad luck for you even if you like it for the first time she/ he doesn’t so for sure there will be not repeated.

Let’s start with tips on how to have anal sex and for sure, will be repeated.

In this article, we will write about a situation that a man is having anal sex with his girlfriend using his penis. But if you are a gay, trans or you want to use some toys or your tongue you can use the same tips and advice, but you have to change it a little bit for your situation.

1.Lube or Lubricant

One of the most important things is a lubricant. If you use it for sure is a win-win situation. For the boy, it will be easier to get inside of the anal hole and will not hurt his penis, and the girl for sure will appreciated not that much pressure during the inserting. So don’t be scared and don’t feel it unfortunate that you have to use lube, but in this situation, it is more than important to use it.

2. Start slowly

If she is trying anal sex for the first time. Start with fingers slowly from the small one to bigger or more fingers at one time. When you will feel that she is ready to start. Insert your dick into her glory hole, but again slowly and before put some lube into your hands a make some nice handjob to your self so the dick will be nice full of lubricant.

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3. Tell her that you like it.

If you are trying anal sex in the doggy style position, which I recommend, that’s my favorite. Make some expressions to tell her that you like it. You can scratch her back or head. You will be surprised how the male moans are sexy for the girls. Or whisper something to her ear or lick it. The goal of this point is to make her horny and feeling that you like it so she will feel so good like you.


A significant point is a speed. Don’t think that if you put all your dick inside of her, you take it out, and for the second time, you go straight and fast again. That’s a big mistake. Her anal hole doesn’t work the same way as her ass. It always takes some time to stretch and is still good to start slowly and during the time go faster and faster and more profound.


5. Make her to cum also

It depends if the girl can have an orgasm just thanks to that you are fucking her into anal or she needs help with achieving her orgasm. If she needs help, do it for sure use your other hand and play with her clit or take some toy that she likes and make her cum with you. Nothing can be better than cuming together. If you are lucky and you do it, you can be sure that she will want it to repeat it. So try hard!

7.Squeeze and slap her ass

You have permission to play in that area, so make her feel it a little bit around the anal hole. Squeeze her ass or slap it a few times so the pain will be more spread around, and she will be not that much concentrated into your dick so you can play more and go deeper so again a win-win situation you have to be smart.

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Don’t forget to play some foreplay, don’t go straight to anal you can start with regular sex. When the sex begins to be a little bit boring, or you/she stop to feel it, that’s your chance, to start with, fingers.

9. Don’t mix her pussy with her ass.

This is an extremely important rule. If you are using a condom, switch it for a new one if you are bored with anal, and you want to go to pussy or the opposite way. These two holes are separated from nature for some reason, so keep it like that. You start to mix it, and going from anal to pussy, you will spread a lot of germs. And she can ends up with a bad infection, and your dream of anal again can disappear.

10. Relax her

Make her a massage or whatever she likes to feel relaxed. If you make enough relaxed her muscles also will be so it will be easier for you to get inside of her.

11. Use condom

Using a condom, you will not make any mistake. If things start to be a little dirty and messy, at least your dick will be protected well.

12. A shower is the right place

Anal sex in the shower can be very practical. You can clean and prepare very well in the shower, and if you get bored, you can clean your dick a keep fucking standard into pussy. Also, if anal sex starts to be dirty, you don’t have any problems you just take a shower.

13. Pick the right timing

Wait for a good moment to ask her to have anal sex. Make a great day from the morning, go to the zoo or some nice trip, or whatever she likes. She has to feel special. This can increase your chances in the night that she will let you fuck her nice tiny ass.

14. Choose the right position

I know that porn movie looks a doggy style anal very good, but this position is one of the hardest for her. Every girl has it different, so be patient and start with some opinion that she likes it and go slowly changing to your favorite one.

15. Return the favor

If you are not lucky and you don’t cum together, dont forget about her. Go down with your tongue a finish her don’t forget about that.

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