The Handy Review – The Best Sex Toy for Men?

The Handy Review

All you need is love. Or hand. Or Handy. Yep, Handy sounds great. And it sounds even better when wanking your cock in the rhythm of a bouncing ass of petite teen bumping into your thighs. Looks like a dream, The Handy turns it into a reality. We are talking about the ultimate automatic masturbator that pushes the erotic experience to a whole new level. Let your hand rest for a moment. You won't need it. Because The Handy will take care of everything. From the first stroke, you know you are about to experience something special. Something you will want to repeat again and again. For the first time in history, women are jealous of a sex toy! The Handy breaks the boundaries, and we are going to look at it in detail in our review.

The Handy unboxing

The first thing that comes up to your mind when ordering a sex toy is if the packaging is discreet enough so no one can find out what's inside the box. And when ordering The Handy from their official websites, you don't have to be worried. Because the machine is delivered in a plain brown box. Only when you open the box you can see the official packaging. You can already imagine the joy when you see the black box with a picture of The Handy on the front side in your hands. But that's just the beginning. Because we are about to open it and find out what is hiding inside. And we have to say right away when we first opened the box, we were quite amazed that the sex toy looks in reality even better than in the pictures.

But first thing first. When you open the box, or better say when you pull the main box out of the cover, you spot the inscription 'You're welcome'. And then. There it is. The Handy. The ultimate machine. Your new best friend. Your new slut who will never say no. It looks bigger than we imagined, but it looks epic! Together with the machine, we got one sleeve, a power supply and a user manual. Of course, we couldn't wait to try it, so we jumped to the manual to find out how The Handy works. And it couldn't be easier.

How The Handy Works

We were ready to try The Handy without using all its special functions at first. Their time is about to come. We just had to go for our first experience. To enjoy it, all we needed was the manual with the description of the buttons. There are 6 buttons, and it's really not a difficult task to understand what they are doing. Probably the most important thing before using the machine is that you need to find a place with a power socket nearby. Because The Handy has no battery. You can unplug your lamp on a nightstand and go to the action. The cable is 3 meters long, which is quite a sufficient length.

The next task is putting the sleeve on your penis. The Handy sleeves are made from an elastic material that can fit all sizes and shapes of penises. At least, they say it. They also say the TrueGrip sleeve should last for 20-40 usages. So it probably depends on how much you stretch the sleeve. There are 3 sleeves you can order extra that have some special attributes. From the soft sleeve to the medium one and to the hard sleeve for a rough experience. The choice is yours. But let's get back to our first run with this amazing device.

With a sleeve on the penis, all you need to do next is to fasten the belt around it, and you are free to go. One of the weakest points of The Handy is that you need to hold it in your hand. Of course, it's not a problem when you want to control it. But when you find the ideal speed, you still cannot free your hands completely. Never mind, we can get used to it, and the action can begin. At first, you will be looking for the best settings that suit your penis best. But when you learn to control the machine without even looking at the buttons, you will be thrilled by its impact.

There are several levels of speed and stroke length. Of course, we recommend starting with slow speed and gradually finding the perfect speed for you at different moments of masturbation. The stroke length varies by your penis size and by your preferences. When you are close to the happy ending, don't be afraid of cumming into the sleeve. The material is super easy to clean, and you can use it later with no worries. And later, you can try using some of The Handy special features.

What are The Handy special features?

Ok, The Handy works great! But it was just the beginning. Because this machine is capable of things, you have only dreamed about. Until now. After you connect The Handy to your Wi-Fi, you discover a completely new world. A world full of unimaginable possibilities. The instructions are pretty clear, and everyone should manage to connect the device. You get your connection key, and the fun can begin.

There are two options on how to use the sex toy when being online. The first option is great when you have a girlfriend who wants to play with you. Because she can now control The Handy remotely via her phone. She can be whispering to your ear while controlling the speed and strokes of the device that is pleasing your penis. Sounds like fun, and if she really knows how to make you cum, it could be an unforgettable experience.

The second option with The Handy connected to Wi-Fi is to use it together with porn videos. You probably haven't heard of such an option yet. But believe, this machine can control its functions according to actions in the porn movies. Just imagine a famous pornstar sucking a cock in POV. And now, imagine the cock is yours. It will be easy because, thanks to already made scripts, the device imitates her sucking moves! And it's even better when you watch VR porn. The experience couldn't get any better. There are already several sites focusing on videos with scripts for such interactive sex toys. You can find them on The Handy website in the Partners section.

Where to Get The Handy?

When we first got our Handy, we really didn't know what to expect. We were quite sceptical even though there were a lot of positive feedbacks from users. And now, after several uses, we can join those satisfied men. Because the experience is really awesome, and it will be hard to not use this sex toy every time when being in the mood. You can get The Handy from their official website And then, we recommend trying all its features and other sleeves if you think the experience could be better. Now comes the time to answer the question in the title. Yes, The Handy is the best sex toy for men!

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