[TOP 20] Weird Sexual Fetishes

Weird Fetishes

For most people, normal physical contact is enough for sexual arousal, culminating in sex, and preferably orgasm. But not everyone has it that simple. There are people among us who need a little something else to achieve the desired excitement. We will look at these people's weird sexual fetishes. Expect the unexpected, as you may have heard of some sexual fetishes, others may be incredible or even disgusting.

Sex is still a very intimate matter that is not entirely publicly discussed. More so if you have a taste for strange fetishes. However, if you come across someone who surprises you in the bedroom with unusual demands, it's good to be ready. So let's take a look at the weirdest fetishes you can meet.

List of the weirdest sex fetishes (click on term for faster navigation)

20. Cuckolding13. Coprophilia6. Psychrophilia
19. Spanking Art12. Macrophilia5. Vorarephilia
18. Breath Play11. Somnophilia4. Teratophilia
17. Pee fetish10. Omorashi3. Dendrophilia
16. Quirofilia9. Diaper Bondage2. Balloon fetish
15. Mechanophilia8. Climacophilia1. Nasolingus
14. Daddy Kink7. Formicophilia

20. Cuckolding / Cuckoldry

A very popular theme for porn makers. The love couple invites a stranger to their home, but not for a threesome, but to satisfy a woman, while her husband will only watch and not engage in sexual events at all. And it is the man who is just watching, that is experiencing unprecedented excitement. He does not mind that someone fucks his wife; on the contrary, he likes it more than anything else. If you also have these fantasies, we can show you some websites right for you.

19. Spanking Art

Butt slapping is a common thing that no sexual act should miss. However, there are people who are excited only by the slap, without the need for direct sexual intercourse. These people need to be slapped, causing them excitement. On the contrary, there are also people who are aroused just by slapping someone, so both partners can enjoy this strange fetish.

18. Breath Play

Throttling and preventing air access to increase sexual arousal. This sexual fetish is not only a small throttle, but one tries to get to the very edge of suffocation, and in this state, man or woman achieve the greatest pleasure. Breath Play uses not only your hand, but also plastic bags, sacks, or you can use your own dick to choke your partner.

Breath Play - Weird sexual fetish
Breath Play - Preventing air acces to increase sexual arousal

17. Pee Fetish

Known but for someone unimaginable fetish. Also known as the Golden Shower. Again, there are two variations where one is excited to pee on someone or to be peed. And it does not matter if on the body, the face or directly into your mouth. The formal name of this strange fetish is Urolagnia. If you are interested in this kind of sexual fetish, we have for you a whole section with websites focused on peeing.

16. Quirofilia / Hand Fetish

For some, not only the traditional parts of the body, such as breasts or genital organs, are the source of excitement. People with Hand Fetish find the sexiest hands and their individual parts. Fingers, nails, or palms. Someone with this weird sexual fetish is excited only by looking at someone's hands; others are excited by the movement of hands even in common activities such as hand washing or dishwashing.

15. Mechanophilia

Fetish, when a person is aroused by machines, is called Mechanophilia. They want to be satisfied by machines, and the best have sex with them directly. The most common machines that cause excitement to these people are cars, airplanes, or helicopters. People with this fetish often end up lonely only with their beloved machines.

Mechanophilia - Weird sexual fetish
Mechanophilia - When machines arouse you

14. Daddy Kink (Daddy Dom)

One of the well-known fetishes when a young lady wants to call her sexual partner, Daddy. A man treats his girl dominantly and rules hard over her. Girls are often trying to make up for the missing father while growing up.

13. Coprophilia / Scatophilia

Another fetish that is focused on secretion. However, now it is not the urine, but shit. People with this strange sexual fetish are excited to shit on someone or to be shat on. The best-known example of this fetish is the notorious video 2 girls 1 cup.

12. Macrophilia / Giantess Sex

People who are excited by the excessive size of their sexual partners suffer from a fetish called Macrophilia. And it's not just the traditional size difference, when men are aroused by fat women. The Macrophilia people are attracted by giants who are many times larger than humans.

Macrophilia - Weird sexual fetish
Macrophilia - Arousal by giants

11. Somnophilia

Many people often play with the idea of waking up their partner with a sexual act. People with a fetish Somnophilia are directly excited by this idea, so their partner does not enjoy peaceful sleep, because they can be awakened at any time during sleep, just to satisfy the man's fetish.

10. Omorashi

This weird fetish is similar to Pee Fetish but is a little different. A person with this fetish is not aroused by the peeing, but it excites him the feeling of having a full bladder, which is called bladder desperation, or wetting directly - panty wetting. If a person with this fetish gets wet like this, he gets a lot of arousal. Just as they watch someone else get wet and sees his pants gradually getting wet from the urine.

9. Diaper Bondage

The name of this fetish makes it clear that diapers will play a significant role here. This fetish is the idea of an adult being a child, and his partner must take care of him. This is a form of role-playing, and people with this fetish suffer from the adult baby syndrome.

Diaper Bondage - Weird sexual fetish
Diaper Bondage - Idea of an adult being a child

8. Climacophilia

This fetish is really one of the strangest, and at the same time, we can say that even a very dangerous fetish. The person with this fetish is excited to see someone falling down the stairs. So it is dangerous to try to satisfy this person, because you may get hurt.

7. Formicophilia

While insect causes in many people phobia, people with formicophilia fetish are attracted by insects and insect arouses them. Closing a person with formicophilia into a room with lots of insects can make him extremely aroused.

6. Psychrophilia

Winter is the most popular time of year for people with this fetish. They are aroused by the feeling of cold and when they see another person knocking with cold. Therefore, dress up appropriately in winter; otherwise, you may end up as a sexual idea for people with this fetish.

Psychrophilia - weird sexual fetish
Psychrophilia - Arousal by the feeling of cold

5. Vorarephilia

Where cannibalism is done, people with a Vorarephilia fetish would not rest much. Because they are excited by the thought of being eaten or seeing someone eating another person. So this is another weird, dangerous sexual fetish.

4. Teratophilia

A physical handicap is not always a bad thing. This is known to people suffering from a fetish called Teratophilia. These people are excited by people suffering from some physical deformity. It may be a missing limb or scars or burns.

3. Dendrophilia / Arbophilia

Trees supply people with oxygen and can also provide energy. However, they add much more to some people. People with this fetish just touch the trees and get the excitement. Or they just imagine a tree as a phallic symbol.

2. Balloon Fetish / Looners

It does not seem that a balloon itself can cause excitement in someone. But the opposite is true. Someone just likes to watch their partner sitting on the balloon or burst it straight away. Another person with this fetish who is called Looner is directly trying to have sex with the balloon.

1. Nasolingus

A person can use their tongue in many ways in sex. They can lick the partner's ear, neck, breasts, or genital organs. However, people with a fetish called Nasolingus prefer to lick their partner's nose. And that's what arouses them the most. Be careful about your noses.

Nasolingus - Weird sexual fetish
Nasolingus - Arousal by licking partner's nose

More sexual fetishes than you would expect

This was a selection of twenty unusual sexual fetishes. Of course, they are not all fetishes, there are a lot of them, and we will look at other ones in some of the other blogs. In the meantime, pay attention to your surroundings, if you happen to see any of these fetishes.

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