What is Furry? The Ultimate Furry Guide!

Furry guide

The world that not everyone understands. The world where people and animals live in a perfect symbiosis. This is it. The furry fandom. How far are you willing to go to satisfy your needs? Do you already have your own fursona? Do you have a stunning fursuit in your wardrobe? Do you love watching furry porn? Everything has its meaning in the furry world, and we are about to look closer into it. We start slowly, and by small steps, we will get to furry sex, yiffing, furry porn, and big furry conventions. We have answers to all your questions about furries you were too shy to ask. But the main question remains the same – what is a furry? That's where we will begin the path to knowledge of furry fandom and everything related to it. It's time to begin!

What Is a Furry? Furry Fandom Meaning and Definition

To answer what furry is, we had to look to the past and find out when the furry fandom has become a thing. It all started in the '80s in California, where a bunch of people realized they had the same hobby. Drawing animal cartoons and watching anime series. They attended big science fiction conventions, and soon, there were so many people interested in anthropomorphized animals, the furry fandom was not a dream anymore. But still, it was a big taboo, and the media avoided this topic. But they knew it would come a time when no one would make fun of them and judge them anymore.

And here we are. Ok, the furry fandom is still not a common thing in society, but the Internet does a lot of work to make it as common as possible. But still, we owe you the meaning and definition of furry and furry fandom. A furry is a person that is interested in anthropomorphized animals and everything about them. Anthropomorphized animals are animals who look and behave like people. The subculture of these people is called furry fandom. They hold conventions, create original content such as comic books, video games, or movies. And the most important thing for them is the fact, they are not alone with the furry interest.

Who Are Furries? What is a Fursona?

When you try to imagine a furry, you immediately think of a person in a fursuit. But is it really the way you should imagine them? The answer is no. Because not even a third of furries own a fursuit! And we get back to the furry definition. Because you can call yourself a furry if you are just interested in this subculture. You don't need to wear a cat costume and make meow noises. At the beginning of the furry fandom, people talked about the animals in comic books or movies. But they didn't wear any costumes. This came later, and today the furry conventions are full of people in their fursuits. But it's still the minority.

Usually, before you get a fursuit for yourself, you create your own fursona. And we get to another important question - what is a fursona? The answer is pretty easy here. Fursona is an animal character, an avatar with which you identify yourself. Every kid has their favorite animal. And fursona is a little bit more advanced. You can draw your fursona, and you can provide it with characteristics and abilities you like. Then, you can even make the suitable fursuit and completely transform into your furry persona.

How to Become a Furry? What Is a Furry Code?

There are people who are "natural" furries, and then there are people who wish to be part of the furry fandom, but their interest in furries is not on the highest level. You could ask, why do they want to get involved in furry fandom? There are many reasons for that. Usually, they just want to belong somewhere, and furry fandom seems to be the closest to their hobbies even though they don't spend a lot of time with that. People in furry fandom are friendly, and they never say no to anyone who wants to join them. To make it easy for them to get to know you faster, you can create your own furry code. That's a kind of Geek Code, where you use letters, numbers and symbols to say more about your furry personality.

Petite girl with a furry tale in her ass

And if you ask how to become a part of furry fandom if you already identify as a furry, it's pretty easy to find furry websites, forums, and groups on social media. Also, you can be sure that there is a pretty big base of furries in every country that will gladly take you among them. When you find them, then it's pretty easy to meet in person or to discuss your interests online. One important piece of advice, don't be shy! Even if you think you are different, there are many people like you, and they will be happy to meet you.

Is Furry Sex Real? How Can I Join Furry Sex?

Finally. Many people think that furry fandom is mainly about sex. But we have to disappoint you here. It wasn't about sex at the beginning, and it's still more about the furry art rather than indulging in sexual activities. The furries even say the costumes are too expensive to damage them during sex. But, over 90% of furries admit they watch furry porn on a regular basis, and they would love to have sex with a furry. So, is it already time to say being furry is a sexual fetish? Probably yes, and we really don't hesitate to say this after watching tons of furry porn movies. But let's get back to furry sex for a moment.

What does Yiffing Mean? Yiff Meaning

Do you know the sound foxes make while having sexual intercourse? Yep, we neither. But it's called yiffing. Why do we talk about this? Because the furry community said this word suits perfectly for furry sex. Yiff is a term for anything related to sexual furry content. And yiffing is the activity itself. When you hear your friends saying they go yiffing, now you know what to imagine. Even though many furries dream of yiffing, it's hard to join such a session. Even more, if you are a straight guy. Because around 80% of furry fandom are male furries. Either you convince your girlfriend to wear a fursuit during sex or at least a tale, or you have to find happiness somewhere else.

What Are the Best Furry Porn Sites? Where Can I Watch Furry Porn?

Now we get to the topic everyone has been waiting for. Furry porn! We tried to search the word furry on Pornhub and XVideos, and we were not happy with the results. Both sites gave us only around 4 thousand furry porn videos. So, where to find the top furry porn sites? Don't worry, that's our job, and we are glad we can introduce to you the places where everything is about furries, yiffing, and animals fucking each other's tight asses. Furry porn is not only about videos, but in fact, it's more about artwork, stories, and imagination.

The biggest collection of Furry porn is easy to find on the Rule34 porn site. There are hundreds of thousands of yiff videos and millions of yiff pictures. Of course, the majority of them is animated, but you can also find videos from real yiffing actions where everything is possible. Just like other furry porn sites, everything here is free! Another great site with yiff content is e621, with a never-ending supply of furry porn pictures. And the third site we have to mention is called SoFurry, with a big community of active users who are always there to discuss or bring new yiff content.

What are the most popular Furry characters? Are Bronies Furry?

Just like you can find the most popular pornstars on Pornhub in several categories, furries have their favorite characters too. We probably don't have to introduce the biggest love of furry fandom. Because it's the one and only Lola Bunny! She's one of the Looney Tunes cartoon characters, and after her performance in Space Jam, she became simply irresistible. The number two came pretty recently, and you can know her from the Zootopia movies. Yes, it's Judy Hopps! She quickly became a star, and you can watch thousands of hentai porn movies with Judy in police uniform, enjoying hardcore actions. And the number three might be a surprise for a younger audience, but the more experienced furries would tell you, Cheetara was the prototype of a perfect furry girl in her time.

And what about My Little Pony characters? Even though you might think there is no difference between Applejack and other anthropomorphized animals, it's not that easy. Because the community around the My Little Pony series was so strong, they simply didn't want to be part of the furry fandom. They have their own conventions called Bronycons, and they call themselves bronies. The word brony is a designation for male adults who watch the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. The name was made by connecting the words "bro" and "pony". The female fans are called pegasisters. And the answer to the original question? Technically, bronies are furries, but they don't love to be called that way.

What Are the Biggest Furry Conventions?

To make it easy for the furries to meet in person, they hold big conventions all over the world. Of course, the biggest furry conventions take place in the USA. During the day, the visitors have a chance to see new artworks, talk to each other and just have fun. At night, you know there will be a lot of yiffing sounds coming from the hotel rooms. Conventions are the perfect opportunity to meet new people and share the same interests. Even if it's about pounding that furry ass the entire night.

One of the most popular and the second-largest furry convention is called Anthrocon. Founded in 1997, and since 2006 every year, thousands of furries gather in Pittsburgh. The biggest convention is called Midwest FurFest, taking place in Chicago. In 2019, over 11 thousand furries visited the convention making it the largest. European furries have an opportunity to meet at Eurofurence that takes place every year in Germany. If you don't want to travel far away, you don't have to be sad because every country has its own furry fests or furry cons during the year.

Furries Are Taking Over the World

In the last decade, the number of furries more than doubled, and it's still rising. More young people with the access to Internet find affection for furry fandom, and it's pretty easy to join the community. Last research says that around 65% of furries identify themselves as LGBT. With the rising power of the queer community, we can predict that furry fandom will keep rising and soon become a common thing in modern society. Are you ready?

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