About BestRealDoll

From reality to fantasy and back. The journey you experience with your first sex doll is unforgettable. Your second sex doll makes you love her in every way. And the rest of your harem will be looking forward to being fucked by your hard dick every day. Yep, one sex doll is never enough. You will find it out soon. Or you are already an experienced doll fucker who came here to get to know another perfect site with premium real life sex dolls. Either way, let’s see what the has for us. That’s the site we were talking about. A site where everyone finds their new dream girl.


You know you are in the right place when you see hot girls with their huge tits on the homepage asking for your attention. This time, the ladies aren’t real. That’s probably the reason why they have a price tag by their thumbnails. Never mind, we know what they are capable of and that they will probably do a better job than the real sluts. From the first moment, we fell in love with the petite sex doll Icey. Yes, they have names. You should treat them like real women, and they will give it back to you in the most fascinating ways, believe us.

We know Icey would be a perfect doll for us, but we can’t let her distract us. There are tens of other girls who deserve as much attention as she does. The site looks pretty simple, the navigation is easy, and everyone finds their way to the desired sex doll. There’s even a discount of 10% right now, so we are heading straight to the catalog to look at all the beauties here.

Hundreds of Premium Sex Dolls

We knew it will be hard to choose the best one for us. But would you believe there are 243 sex dolls at this moment available? We should take a day off from work to look through all of them closely. Never mind, we still have a lot of time, and we are ready to meet our new girlfriend. We also need to reckon with jerk off breaks because it’s impossible to stay calm in the company of such beautiful girls. And here we are. Lyndsay, Courtney, some Asian sluts without a name, and busty Becky are seductively looking into our eyes and showing their gorgeous bodies. It will be really hard to pick just one.

The catalog offers sex dolls from two brands. One is Ridmii, and the other one is WM Dolls. They say the Ridmii brand is their own, and they design and produce all these dolls. The WM Dolls company is well-known for their premium dolls, and we already had an experience with their girls. But we will give a chance to every doll here.

We don’t have many options to narrow the selection in the catalog. You can choose a height and breast size, and that’s it. If you are looking for a petite redhead girl with a big ass, you just have to go through all the dolls. It would save us a lot of time if we could use more filters. We really didn’t come for male dolls. And we don’t want to even look at them among all those beautiful ladies. Never mind. We won’t use any filter, and we try to find our dream girl on our own.

Find Your Best Real Doll

After a few moments, we found Bernice. The realistic TPE cute sex doll, as they say. She’s got incredibly blue eyes, long ginger hair, perfect tits, and amazing ass. Just like we wished. She’s from the Ridmii company, and we’ve got here all information we need to get to know this girl better. She’s 4’ 8’’ high, her pussy is 7.1 inches deep, and her anal hole is 6.7 inches deep, which should be enough for an average man. Of course, we would use a little bit deeper holes, but we will cum on her innocent face every time. No problem.

We probably don’t have an option to customize this girl, but we are pretty satisfied already. All we need to do now is complete our order, and we will look forward to getting our new BestRealDoll. The worldwide shipping is free, and that’s nice because the package is big and the delivery is usually expensive. If you live in the US, you’ve got an opportunity to pick a sex doll from their warehouse, so you get your girl faster.


They also give you a chance to customize your sex doll, but you have to do it via mail without giving you any graphics of how your customized sex doll will look like. If you want to take a risk, feel free to do it. We stay by the girls, which we can already see in all their beauty. We are looking forward to our new fuck doll, and we wish you good luck in choosing your dream girl at Just take your time. You don’t have to hurry because these girls won’t run away. They are waiting just for you!