About UX Doll

Are you still looking for your dream girl? Of course, she is somewhere out there. But in the meantime, why not try something that will fulfil all your fantasies? Oh, we should say someone. Because we are here to introduce to you the most gorgeous girls, who will fill the empty space in your bed. We are not talking about escort service or some naughty sluts. Because we are talking about the UX Doll ladies. The girls who will never disappoint you. Who will never let you down. And who are always there when you need them the most. Now it’s the right time to meet your new girlfriend. Now it’s time to explore what these sex dolls are capable of. Are you ready to discover a completely new world?

Sex dolls never say no!

Probably every man has been thinking about using some sex toy someday in their life. It all started with the inflatable dolls that were far away from reality. But if you’ve got a great imagination, everything is possible. If you are stuck in that time, you should pay attention now. Ok, everyone should pay attention. Because what you are about to witness is no illusion. These real-life sex dolls are too good to be real. Your dreams can finally come true. Just look at them! It’s like browsing a porn site with nasty photos. But this time, every girl you see can be yours!

Yep, no more dreaming about the women you see in adult movies. You know you will never have them. But with these ladies, it’s different. Because not only you can have them. But you also can make them do anything you want. You’ve got endless possibilities on how you can treat them. You will never fall asleep alone again. She will always be there when you’re waking up. And what is even more important. She will always be ready to take your cock deep in her tight pussy! That’s why we love them. They just never say no!


Forget about all the dating sites. It’s a waste of time. All you need is the UX Doll, and all your problems will be a thing of the past. Let’s see what they’ve got for us. Already the homepage looks like a porn site with beautiful pornstars. You can see petite dolls with small tits or unbelievably hot teens with massive boobs! There are so many dolls everyone will choose their dream girl. And that’s why we are heading to the sex doll section where we can find all these beauties. We are still feeling a little bit nervous when we see a price tag below the pictures of the girls. We still can’t forget that these are not real women.

You have two options on how to choose the doll. You can build your own doll, or you can pick a doll from the catalogue. But even if you choose the second option, you can customize the doll as you wish, don’t worry. Let’s look at the dolls, which already have a name, and you can see their real-life appearance. There are filters and categories that you can use to narrow the selection. You can sort the silicone ladies by Body Type, Skin Tone, Breast Cup, and Height. You can easily get a curvy white doll with huge boobs which is 5 feet tall. Janice! Her name is Janice.

Customize your new silicone sex doll

When we look closer at Janice, we discover all our possibilities. We love Janice as she is, but we can make a few adjustments. Or, better said, many adjustments. Because you can change almost anything on her body. You can choose different eye color, skin, hairstyle, or even fingernail color! Ok, that’s all great, but now we get to make her the best lover of our lives. Janice has a J-cup size of boobs, and we can’t change it. But we can change the filling of her tits. And we assume we would be satisfied with all these options. Then you can choose pubic hair if you like unshaved pussies, and the type of her vagina. There are two types of pussies. One is built-in, the second one is replaceable. If you are worried you would fuck Janice too hard, we recommend choosing the replaceable variant.

And it’s still not over. There are more options left. The labia color, nipples color, or shoulder type are also important if you want to have a perfect silicone sex doll. You can even choose if you want the doll to be capable of standing. Of course, we want that! We need to fuck her in every position! If you are worried your girl will be cold. Not only in her soul but also her entire body. You can add heating to her body, and if you want to feel more realistic while fucking her, she can even make moaning sounds! Another option we need to have.


Most of the adjustments are part of the base price. And for some of them, you need to pay extra. We haven’t said anything about the prices yet, so let’s fix it. The cheapest dolls are under $1,000. And the most expensive go up to $2,000. All these girls look awesome, and if you want some expensive girl, you can get her in the sale for a better price.

We also haven’t said anything about the material of these sex dolls. All of them are made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer), which is the best possible material for such dolls. It’s durable with superb elasticity. If you choose a Premium TPE doll, you can use less oil and won’t need to use the baby powder. If you haven’t touched any sex doll before, you’ll be really surprised by how soft and nice the body is. At UX Doll, you can also buy WM dolls from one of the most famous brands in the sex doll industry. They can’t be more realistic.

One sex doll, hundreds faces

If you are satisfied with the body of your doll, but you are not ready to fuck still the same looking hoe, you can buy an extra doll head. This means your doll can get a completely new look. Blonde Euroslut can transform into a beautiful Asian teen in seconds! There are 155 different types of heads. And we would fuck them all. The choice is yours.

Now, we finally get to the section where we can customize our own sex doll from scratch. Not only you can choose everything we already discovered by the prepared girls, but you can also select the body type and the head type. If you want to build a busty pregnant redhead MILF, feel free to do it. Your possibilities are endless. Even the pickiest person will choose.

Meet your dream girl on UX Doll

If your new girlfriend is ready, just type the address to your order, and it’s done. It doesn’t matter if you are from the US, Europe, or Asia; the delivery is completely free. And now, we just look forward to seeing the UX Doll in our bed with her legs wide open ready to change our life. And what about you? Are you ready to finally meet your dream girl?