What Is Cuckolding? The Ultimate Cuckolding Guide

Cuckolding Guide

Everyone during a long-term relationship fantasizes about having sex with other men or women. That's pretty usual, and no one can feel bad about it. But what if you fantasize about your partner having sex with another man? Is that okay? Or should you be worried about what's going on with you? If you're new to this, believe it or not, this kink has its own name and is quite popular among people. It's called cuckolding, and we've got for you the ultimate guide where you find out simply everything about this lovely kink, plus we give you the best cuckold porn sites. If you want to become a happy cuckold, holding your small dick in your hand while watching a bull destroying your wife's pussy, you're definitely in the right place. Cuckolding is one of the nastiest ways how to make your relationship never boring again. Are you prepared to try it?

All you need to know about Cuckolding

If you'd like a proper definition of what cuckolding is, here you go. Cuckolding is an act when a man enjoys watching his wife having sex with another man. Pretty simple, right? If you'd ever have trouble understanding anything related to sex and porn, feel free to use our porn dictionary. But back to our fetish or kink, which will help you to make your relationship better. And we're not talking only about marriage. Of course, the perfect cuckold should be the submissive husband. But if you're not ready to marry your girlfriend yet, and you love watching her getting fucked by your best friend, you can call yourself a cuckold too, don't worry.

There's a lot of questions that could come to your mind if you'd like to try cuckolding. And we'll try to answer all of them later. For you, who still don't believe why anyone would want to look at their wife cheating on them, the explanation is quite easy. Just like other kinks and fetishes, cuckolding is simply inside you, and you can't do anything about it. It's hard to control it, and even harder is not doing it. Someone loves anal sex, someone enjoys pissing fetish, and someone tries various BDSM acts. But everyone has one thing in common. They do it because they like it.

Do you know the history of cuckolding?

If you've ever wondered, what is the origin of the word cuckold, we bring you to history. You'll also need some knowledge from biology because we suppose you know the cuckoo bird. Yep, the bird that lays eggs into other birds' nests. The other bird takes care of the egg and chick, which isn't theirs. And that's why people in medieval times decided they'll name the cheating wife's husband, who's raising a child that isn't his, a cuckold. So it doesn't have anything to do with a cock in his hand.

Tied husband watching his wife being fucked in cuckolding action
Young cuckold husband looking at his wife getting fucked in cuckolding action

Who's a cuckoldress, bull, and cuck?

Now, we have to answer another question, which is quite common. Because even in the definition, it looks like the one watching has to be always a man. But that's really not true. It also works in the opposite way. Even submissive wives can enjoy watching some busty hottie fucking their husband. To better understand who is who in the cuckolding action, every position has its name. A cuckoldress is a woman who's having sex with a bull. Yep, a bull is the right name for a guy who's pounding your wife's ass. And you, my dear, are a cuck. The obedient man, who's watching his partner reaching the best orgasms of their life. There can be only one cuckoldress, one cuckold, but many bulls. Watching your wife in a gangbang party with huge cocks can be truly satisfying. Or not?

What is a female cuckold called?

The female version of cuckolding has different names for its participants. It's the right time to answer common questions - What is a cuckquean? What is a cuckcake? You should rather ask "who" those people are. But never mind. A cuckcake is a woman who's fucking with the husband. A female version of the bull. The wife, who's watching her husband being balls deep in some nasty slut, is called cuckquean. Yep, cuckquean is the female cuckold. And the cuckoldress is still called cuckoldress. Now you know all the necessary terms, and you're ready to continue to the depth of the cuckolding world.

Why do people like cuckolding fetish?

There's no straight answer to the question of why anybody likes being a cuck. You have to take into consideration many factors that can affect the cuckold's mind. There are tons of reasons why a man would like to see his partner being fucked right in front of him.  But let's look into this problematic a little bit deeper.

Probably the most common reason why someone would like to become a cuckold is the humiliation aspect. Humiliation is often part of the BDSM activities, where the dominating mistress enjoys humiliating her submissive slave. What could be more humiliating than watching your wife being fucked in front of your eyes? Maybe if you're forced to suck the bull's dick, but that's another story. For someone, the humiliation is a real turn-on, and nothing can beat such a feeling. That's how it works with almost every fetish or kink.

Bull witch big black cock fucking cuckold's wife in front of him

We can stay with the submissive husband a little bit longer because submission is another reason why some love to be proper cucks. The cuck's feeling when he is dominated by someone can bring him a lot of satisfaction. He hopes the bull doesn't let him fuck his wife. He hopes he has to look right in the eyes of his wife when the huge cock is entering her wet pussy. The helpless feeling makes him the happiest man in the world. Sounds crazy, but that's the life of a submissive male.

Have you ever heard of sperm competition theory? You probably haven't had a reason to look at what this theory is all about yet, but let's learn something new. This sperm theory is about the competition between sperms of two or more different men trying to fertilize the same egg. It looks like this has nothing to do with our cuckolding situation, but it has. When the cuckold sees the bull cumming into his wife, he's got the feeling, he has to cum even harder and ejaculate as much as possible. It's a shame all the semen is on his hands now.

There's one thing that makes you want to fuck your partner more than anything. Now we're not talking about some pills or aphrodisiacs. We are talking about jealousy. When it comes to your mind, there is someone who'd like to fuck your wife, and she even likes the idea, you have to act. You have to fuck your girl harder than ever. Now imagine if the idea transforms into reality. Your wife is fucking some handsome man right in front of you. And you can't do anything about it. You will never refuse to fuck your wife in the ways she likes it anymore. You will try as hard as possible to make your wife satisfied. And that's exactly the jealousy factor.

How to become a cuckold? How to talk about this kink with your partner?

How to tell your wife that you want to see her being fucked by another man? There's probably no ideal way. Everything is about timing. When you find the right moment to speak about it, you can look forward to your dream experience. You shouldn't probably say that right away. You should give a little hints time by time and watch how your partner reacts. She already knows you're not the dominating champ in bed, and maybe she'll be glad she can enjoy great sex after a while. If she refuses to do that, don't be mad at her, and try to control yourself, so you don't ruin your relationship.

To increase the chances of reaching your goal, you should be prepared to answer all the possible questions. What do you like so much about it? Why should I do that for you? Are you really prepared for it? And so on. If you're sure about it, you have to be self-confident and convince your wife it's the right thing to do. Of course, you need to start slowly. You should watch cuckold porn together and explain to her why it turns you on. Then you can move from fantasy to reality. She'll tell you she was kissing her colleague at work. Then she shows you some pictures of her slightly cheating on you. And if both of you are still sure you want to go to the action, there's no reason to not do that.

How to become a cuckquean?

For many men, it sounds like a dream. Your wife wants to get for you a hot woman with which you can fuck all night long. When your girl tells you her wishes, you'll probably be thinking, it's your birthday. But in fact, it's her birthday. Because she's the one who'll reach great satisfaction watching you pounding some slutty MILF in every position. But even married ladies should think the whole action through before they let their husband know about the cuckolding feelings of her. It's true that men are usually less sensitive, and just like we've said, there's a big chance they'll love the idea. But you have to convince them that it's really the thing you want to do so they won't think you're just testing them.

Cuckolding is an act when a man enjoys watching 
his wife having sex with another man.

How to cuckold my husband?

You've got a great relationship with your wife, everything goes well, and then, out of nowhere, she tells you the thing. The thing that can change your life. Nope, she's not pregnant. She just wants to fuck with other men. That's pretty rough. But she's still got a bigger surprise for you. Because she wants you to watch all of this. She wants you to watch her being fucked by another man. Pretty crazy, right? But look on the bright side. She doesn't want to leave you or cheat on you. She's just turned on by the thinking of you looking desperately at her while she's enjoying some huge cock deep in her cunt. Are you willing to do this?

You really don't want to hear that question from your partner, but they don't have another option. More important for the wife are other questions. How to tell your husband about your feelings? How to convince your husband to become a cuckold? If you're already in the role of the dominant wife, it shouldn't be so hard. Maybe your submissive partner will even like it. But if you're not controlling him perfectly, it'll take some time to get into the position where you can lead him to become a real cuck. You have to be confident, convince him that it's for the good of your marriage, and he has to believe, only this will make you happy. Slowly, step by step, and soon he'll be ready to pick for you the best bull you could wish.

How can you find the right bull?

When the talk with your partner is successful, there's another problem you have to solve. Who will be the one who'll be fucking your wife? Should you invite someone you already know or find some stranger from the Internet? Both ways could be right. It really depends on your feelings. If you want to see your good friend sticking his large penis into your wife's tight cunt, you should definitely suggest that. If she'd feel more comfortable with a stranger from Tinder, you should make it happen. There's a huge chance the first bull you find won't be the right one. But that can't discourage you from another attempt. The most popular bulls are black guys with a real big black cock because there's no chance the husband can compete with them. And the wife finally gets to know how a completely filled pussy feels like.

The 6 types of cucking

We said earlier, cuckolding is about sex. That might be true, but there are also different versions of this kink. But every time, it's about the cheating wife and husband knowing about it. There are cuckolding forms that don't include sex or any physical contact. We've got for you six types of cuckoldry which you should definitely try.

  • Classics – The classic will never get old. The cuck is sitting on the couch, and his wife is fucking with the bull on the table right in front of him. He can feel all the emotions his wife's getting during the sex. He can hear her loud orgasms clearly and see every inch of the huge bull's dick going inside her wet cunt.

  • Getting involved – How to make the classic a little bit wilder and humiliate the husband a little more? Let him participate in the cuckolding act. But not in the regular threesome way. That would be too easy for him. He has to be punished for being such a pussy. The bull should force him to wank or even suck his dick. And when the bull is done with the wife, the husband has to lick the fresh creampie straight from the pussy. Maybe he will change his mind next time.

  • Gangbang – Watching your wife being fucked by one guy can be exciting. But are you prepared for a group of men taking turns in your wife's pussy? Are you ready to watch your partner taking a huge cock in her tight ass for the first time in her life? What about a double penetration with another dick in her mouth? Is this what you really wanted? If the look at your exhausted wife reaching never-ending orgasms turns you on, gangbang cuckolding is probably the right choice for you.

  • Lesbian – Some people don't consider lesbian cheating to be cheating at all. But is it really that easy? Would you be able to watch your wife licking a pussy of some beautiful lady? It doesn't sound so bad, right? But you know, all you can do is watch. You can't participate in the action. You have to be a witness of your wife being fisted by some hottie, and you can't do anything about it. All you can do is jerk off while watching the lady squirting on your wife's face.

  • Listening – From hardcore sex, let's move on to something else. Just like we said, cuckolding is not only about physical contact. Many men can be turned on only by listening to their wives talking about sex with someone else. You can be right next to her as she is on the phone with another guy. Then she even sends him her nudes! And yep, she received his dick pic. How far are you willing to let it go?

  • Flirting, Dates – The risk of letting your wife going on a date with someone else can bring you a lot of adrenaline. You really don't know if she will like him or even fuck him later. All you can do is stalk her or sit at home waiting for her. You never know what can happen. If she's still not coming, what does it mean? Is she cheating on you? You never know.

What are the risks of cuckolding?

If you are thinking about trying cuckolding in any form, you have to be prepared for all the possible risks. And yes, there are many of them. The first risk you probably think about is the biggest one. What if your wife will like the bull more than you, and she'll never want to have sex with you again? Or what if she'll even want to break up with you? If you think this might happen, your relationship is not prepared for a cuckold action. Both of you have to be completely convinced that the act won't hurt your relationship in any way before jumping into that.

Another risk has something to do with emotions. What if you won't like what you see in the middle of the act? Is there any stop button? That's another thing you have to think through before the action. Even the wife should have the option to stop this. Preparation is often more important than the act itself.

Cuckolding vs. Hotwife, what is the difference?

We already know what cuckolding is. But what is Hotwife? What does Hotwife mean? When you hear the definition, you'd think it's the same thing. But in reality, it's not. A Hotwife is a married woman who can have sex with other men with the husband's approval. He usually also watches the act or joins the act. Now, what's the difference? When we speak about cuckolding, it's more about emotions and the husband being humiliated. In the Hotwife scenario, it's only about sex. The husband wants to show the world he's got such a hot wife. And that's why he lets other men fuck his partner.

Cuckold diaries – get inspired

Now, when you know all the facts about cuckolding, it's the right time to switch from fantasy into reality. You have to believe you're not alone in this and that there are tons of other people who love cuckolding and already have a lot of experience. They're even willing to share them with you and tell you their exciting stories. If you still hesitate to try cuckoldry, after reading or watching their adventures, there won't be a chance to stop you.

The perfect cuckold stories are waiting for you all over the Internet. But if you want to be sure they're real, you have to choose wisely. Or simply, choose the cuckold forum Ourhotwives.org, where you find a large community of cuckolds, bulls, and cuckoldresses who're talking only about one topic. About cuckolding. You can read their actual stories, their preparations for the action, or their advice for beginners. This is the place where everyone is just like you, and everyone understands you. Give it a try, and in the future, you might be the one who gives advice to others.

If you want more than just a forum, you'll definitely love the place where the biggest Cuckold's community meets. Since 2005, TheCuckold.com brings you everything you need to become a happy cuck. Not only can you use the forum or cuckold chat, but you've got the opportunity to see thousands of photos or videos with real amateur cuckolding actions. All you need is to sign up, and the entire cuckolding world opens for you.

Another community, another cuckolding material for you. Reddit is known for its unique threads, and we've got two of the best cuckold reddit threads straight away for you. The first one is called r/Cuckquean, and it's pretty obvious what this thread is going to be about. Female cuckolds are telling their stories or showing their pictures, so everyone sees how humiliated they were last night. Real amateur girlfriends and wives just want to share. And if you love to wank your cock while thinking about your cheating wife, you should definitely visit the r/Cuckoldcaptions thread, where you find all you need to have a great time with your small dick.

Best Cuckolding porn sites

There is never enough of cuckolding porn, and that's why we here, at ThePornLinks, prepared for you the entire section with the best cuckold sites, where you can find not only porn sites with cuckolding porn movies but also sites where the cuckold community is discussing the kink from every angle. Cuckolds all over the world are happy to share with you their moments of humiliation. Homemade amateur porn was never so hot. These guys have to not only watch their wife being fucked, but they have to record it, so they can watch it again and again. Feel free to choose your favorite site, and give cuckolding a chance.

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