Sexy-Youtubers review


They are young and sexy

They are young and sexy. With smoking bodies and have much to say! What am I talking about? Young twitch/youtube hot women. Yeah, they are mostly pretty stupid, but honestly, nobody wants to see their soul, right? Naked boobs & pussy, that is why we follow them. There is a time when every female YouTuber/Streamer realizes that if they want more viewers, they have to show something to their fan base. But it is not that easy. Youtube/Twitch has a strict policy about its content. 

Leaked anal sex tape destroyed her life!

The only way to show something of their "inner" beauty is to make some erotic sex tape and "leak" it on the internet. If you are not clever enough and your leak is bad, you can end up without your account. For example, we will speak about the nice blowjob and anal fuck of Zoie Burgher. This young streamer clearly wanted more followers and stepped behind a line. Her erotic skills you can see on sexy-youtubers site. The chick lost her account on multiple platforms. She experienced rocket start to the top and even faster way down. In the end, she had to move back to her parents. If you check the video, you will have the same feeling as me. Somebody here will end up in the porn industry soon! We can only hope so, coz this chick has much to show!

This will never happen to me

Many girl streamers are so naive as virgin teen fucked at porn casting. They think that some leaked porn footage can only help them. In reality, this thinking usually ends up very bad. It is not only porn clips. Many of them show "mistakenly" boob in the stream, and then they are surprised. To be honest, I do not care much; what interests me is that they do it. Who does not wanna see some young meat and a potential porn star in action?

Big pressure on these young celebs

Honestly, I think these girls have a hard life. Everybody judges them, and the only way to present their "skills" is usually some leaked footage. It has to be big pressure on them. Not many could take it and end up very bad. 

Uh that probably should not happen

My favorite stage in girl streamer life is a realization of their mistakes, right after their account is banned. Firstly they start writing angry statutes on twitter, then they start streaming on another streaming service, but in the end, they just start to beg their old "employer" to take them back. But there is no way of going back. 

How to lose your twitch/youtube account?

It is pretty easy. Honestly, all you have to do is show some naked parts of your body. They do not even care if it is a mistake or purpose. An easy way to close an account is to drink alcohol online. You could do pretty stupid stuff when you are drunken. So let's hope these chicks will drink like hell.

Honourable mentions:

  • Great stories
  • Good leaked content
  • Private snapchat pictures


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They are young and usually not smart. But they have something that we want to see! Guys, I am talking about young streamers! Check this page, only if you want to see some hot sluts in action. They fuck with random guys or with their boyfriends! Many of them have better deepthroat skills as professional pornstars! Watch how streamer girls destroy their own life in a live stream. 
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