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Average penis size

Men often evaluate their self-esteem by the size of their penis. When a man is satisfied with his penis length, he behaves differently in the presence of a woman than a man who is ashamed because his penis is not very big. But what is a big penis, how big is it? Why do even men with average penis think they have a small penis? It's because they do not know the numbers and believe, that in order to be successful with women, their penis must be the same size as the porn actors they watch every day. But porn actors have above standard penis sizes, and it's not comparable to average. So how big is the average penis?

Different countries, different numbers

Penis size is associated with different types of people. The average penis size varies in different places around the world, so it's hard to tell what the global average is. We all suspect that the dark-skinned men have the biggest penises. They even have a separate porn category - BBC (Big Black Cock). But no one else reaches such a big penis. European penises are the closest, and the smallest average penis size is in Asia.

To get the numbers that are relevant, we've done a few pieces of research specifically for each type of person. This means that if you are a white man living in Europe, you do not have to worry that your results will affect African American men with an above-average penis length.

Average European penis

Let's start with the research we did in Central Europe, specifically in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is known for its popularity in porn, but it is also an ideal place to carry out such research. As it is located in the center of Europe, the study should represent a real European average. The research involved 1,100 Czech men who wanted to know how big the average European penis is.

Measurements were made both in the flaccid state of the penis and during erection. The length and circumference of the penis were thoroughly measured. The penis is always measured from the root of the penis to the tip. Penis circumference is measured at the widest point of the penis. The results are following:

Average penis size in Europe (1,600 men):

  • Average length of a flaccid penis: 8.2 cm
  • Average girth of a flaccid penis: 9.1 cm
  • Average penis length in erection: 14.8 cm
  • Average penis girth in erection: 12.6 cm

Indeed, all categories of men took part in the test to make the research as accurate as possible. The subjects tested included both men with exceptionally large penises and men whose penis length was very small. Each man could discuss with a doctor and consultant if their penis size was okay or should try one of the penis enlargement methods. What is certain is that most men were pleasantly surprised by the results, because they thought the average penis size was much bigger.

At the same time, this first research showed that it does not matter the age of a man. When a person stops growing, his penis also stops growing and keeps his length for life. Neither penile length in flaccid state and penile length in erection have been shown to be associated. Because even men of smaller flaccid size often achieved better erection results.

Average Japanese penis

Another region where the research was conducted was Asia. To make our results as accurate as possible, we made two measurements in Asia. One measurement took place in India, the other one took place in Japan. It turned out that our decision was right because the average penis size varies significantly in the two countries. The more east, the smaller the penis size.

Our research in India involved 2,500 men of all ages. And we had the opportunity to find out how big penises are in the second-most populous country in the world.

Average penis size in India (2,500 men)

  • Average length of a flaccid penis: 6.8 cm
  • Average girth of a flaccid penis: 8.1 cm
  • Average penis length in erection: 12.4 cm
  • Average penis girth in erection: 11.2 cm

From the results, we can find that the average size is smaller than the European one, but we expected it. However, the difference is not so significant. A larger difference was observed when measured in Japan, where only a small proportion of men reached at least the average European penis size.

Average penis size in Japan (1,100 men)

  • Average length of a flaccid penis: 5.4 cm
  • Average girth of a flaccid penis: 6 cm
  • Average penis length in erection: 10.1 cm
  • Average penis girth in erection: 9.6 cm

You can't usually see Japanese men's penises in porn because of censorship, but that doesn't matter, because even in Japanese porn, where men with an above-average penis should appear, European women would probably not be satisfied.

Big Black Cock

The big opposite is then big black dicks, or better said black men's penises. We did not do research in Africa, where the figures would be even higher, but in the US, where we focused on the African American population. It was clear in advance that the numbers would be higher than in Europe or Asia, but we were surprised by the results anyway.

Only a small percentage of men tested had a small penis, most at least had the European average. And both in circumference and in penis length. It turned out that even these results have a lot in common with the self-confident behavior of black people because they are aware that they have at least more in the trunks than white men.

Average penis size in America (1,200 black men)

  • Average length of a flaccid penis: 11.1 cm
  • Average girth of a flaccid penis: 12.8 cm
  • Average penis length in erection: 18.2 cm
  • Average penis girth in erection: 17.1 cm

So, as you can see from the researches, it's really hard to say one number of the global average penis size. It depends on many factors, and while the Indians in Japan would be above average, among black people, they would be at the bottom of the table. In any case, we have done an average for you, which also reflects the population density in each region. So, now we can present official results that should answer the fundamental question of humanity, what is the average penis size?

Average penis size in the world

  • Average length of a flaccid penis: 8.3 cm
  • Average girth of a flaccid penis: 8.9 cm
  • Average penis length in erection: 13.8 cm
  • Average penis girth in erection: 11.7 cm

These are the official numbers, and you can check if your penis is small or large. If your penis is longer than 15 centimeters in length, you can be proud of your penis, and you can be sure that every woman will be happy with you and your penis. If your length is over ten centimeters, you can still satisfy the woman without problems. If your erect penis length is less than ten centimeters and you don't come from Asia, then your length is below average and you can either try one of the penis enlargement methods or accept this and believe that you will find a woman who will be more interested in your personality than the penis.

Finally, we will present brief results of another small survey among women who we asked about the size of the penis they think it would be ideal for them. Who would expect numbers about twenty centimeters is wrong. Women do not want really big penises. As an ideal size, women chose a penis with a length of 16.1 centimeters and a circumference of 12.4 centimeters. This number does not differ much from the average male penis, so you no longer have to crave for a 20cm penis. Women wouldn't appreciate him anyway.

Big cock

These were our researches on average penis size. We believe that all the questions have been answered, and everyone now has an overview of whether his penis is average or rather exceptional. If you are not satisfied with your size, there are various methods that can help you enlarge your penis. You can learn more about this in the next article. But if you feel like watching girls being fucked by big cocks, we have a huge supply of porn videos that will surely satisfy you.

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