10 Tips: How to Get Nudes From Your Crush

How to get Nudes from your crush

Modern technologies mean modern solutions. Back in the day, sending nude pictures was almost impossible. Of course, you could print your photos and send them via mail service. What a hipster move, you would say today. But with mobile phones with a camera and the Internet, everything has changed. It has never been so easy to take a nude photo and send it to anyone in the world. Some women do it for money, some do it in private conversations. And right now, we will focus on those girls who won’t ask for money when being asked for nude pictures. Because we are about to answer the inevitable question. How to ask your crush for nudes? Looks easy when the girl is naughty and has a crush on you. Looks almost impossible when the girl has no interest in you. For now. Because everything is about to change.

#1 Start slowly with a regular conversation

Everyone knows the feeling of secretly building a crush on a woman. You can fall in love with her just by looking at her, or she’s just so hot you only want to bang her. In both ways, to get closer to such a lady, you need to find a way to approach her and contact her. If you are already in touch, the starting position is better. But if you don’t know her personally, you have to find her first. In today’s world, it’s quite easy. Almost everyone uses social networks, so if you have at least a little information about her, the stalking process can begin. When you manage to find her, don’t hesitate to start a conversation.

This might feel like the hardest part of the entire process of getting nudes from your crush. How to start the conversation? Isn’t it weird to text her when she doesn’t know who I am? There is no particular right way to start chatting. The usual advice is: just be yourself. But right from the start, keep in mind that if she doesn’t respond well, you at least tried it. There is nothing worse than thinking about what could have happened if… But when she texts you back and is willing to develop the conversation, you are on the good way to reaching your desired goal.

#2 Give her compliments

Compliments are an essential part of the conversation with your crush. You want to make her feel good about herself. You want her to be sure you like her. How far should you go with the compliments? It depends on where your debate is going. If you feel it’s time to start to make the conversation risky, don’t hesitate to compliment her physical appearance. You know she will like it. And if she looks like the hot nude teens you saw earlier, you won’t have trouble coming up with words describing her beauty. She will love it, and it’s the perfect step to move the conversation to more risky topics.

#3 Don’t ask for nudes

Remember one thing. Take your time. Wait for the ideal moment. If she is not ready, it could ruin the entire process. And most importantly, don’t ask for nudes. Girls hate it! They want to feel special. They want to send you nudes when you do not expect them. That’s the key to success to get the perfect pussy pics from any girl. They want you to get horny. They want to control you through their beauty. And this time, you need to let them do it. And if you endure, the reward will be special.

#4 Gain her trust

To make it easier for her, you need to gain her trust. Your crush will never send nudes to a person she doesn’t trust. She needs to be sure you won’t send those pictures to anyone else. And even better when you promise you won’t save the nude photos or that you will delete them. You can share some not explicit photos before the huge action, so she is already used to sending you pictures. And when you feel it’s the right moment to start sexting, make yourself comfortable and use all your skills to make her horny. That’s your only job.

#5 Sexting is the key to everything

When is the right time to move a little bit further in your conversation? There is no general answer to this question. Every girl is different. Every conversation evolves at a different pace. You just need to feel it. And when your crush feels the same vibe, you are halfway through getting your desired nudes. Don’t push it. Let the conversation be natural and move step by step towards topics that might turn her on. Don’t hesitate to tell her how horny you are. She will want to keep you in that mood, and she will probably do anything to enjoy that special time together.

#6 Try to understand her current mood

What might work for one girl, might not work for another. Every girl is different. Just like their moods. Some lady is horny all the time, another needs a drop of alcohol, and another waits for midnight to play with herself before going to sleep. And your goal is to find out how to get your crush into the mood in which she will be able to talk to you about anything. But still, one day, she could be open to taboo topics, and the next day she will try to avoid any discussion. Yep, it’s pretty hard to understand a woman’s mind.

#7 Try not to look creepy

We probably don’t need to say that, but please, don’t be creepy! That’s really not a turn-on for the ladies. Try to act as normal as possible. To reveal your hidden kinks, you need to wait to get a little bit closer. You have to start slowly to not scare that girl away. The time will come, and maybe you will find out you are a perfect match after all.

#8 Don’t send her your dick pic if she didn’t ask for it

As we said, don’t be creepy. And sending dick pics could make you look like a creep pretty quickly. When you randomly send a photo of your dick, it’s a huge no for most ladies. The number one rule is to not send a dick pic unless she asks for it. Then you are free to go. Of course, it depends on your size. Girls usually want to see some huge cock. So if you don’t own one, try to avoid it.

#9 Be creative, the nudes are close

Even though it looks like you can’t do more to get the nudes from your crush, there are a few tricks you can try to make her do it. It’s a psychological game, but it could bring perfect results. One trick to rule them all. Tell her you are horny, but you can’t do anything about it because you are in public or at a family party. It could be true or not. That’s not important here. At this moment, she will want to play with you. She will try to make you hornier. She will try to make it risky for you to open your chat in public. And you can probably look forward to NSFW pictures soon.

#10 Always compliment her nude pictures. She will send you more

If you finally make it, and she sends you nudes, you need to show your appreciation, happiness, and you need to make her feel special. Always find something to compliment her. Don’t ever criticize. Just be nice, and she will be happy to send you more. More of her alluring nude photos you so desperately asked for. Once she does it, you know the gate is opened. Now you are close not only to getting more sexy pictures but also to meeting in person with the desired happy end. And that’s what all this is about.

If she doesn’t feel like sending you nudes, don’t be upset, you can get another chance in the future

But what if the result is unsatisfactory? What to do if she decides to not send you her nude pictures? Don’t be mad. Some girls are simply not prepared to do it. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be ready in the future. And with a little help from you, it can come sooner than you would think. You just need to be nice and don’t push it. And if you don’t make it to sexting after a while, it’s probably a dead end, and you need to move on. It’s sad to tell it, but we don’t always reach our goal. Never mind, porn pictures are always there when we need them!

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