5 Tips: How to Treat an Escort to Enjoy the Best Time

How To Treat an Escort

Hiring escorts is pretty easy nowadays. You find hundreds of hot girls online who are prepared to fulfill your every fantasy. But although it’s easier for you, escort girls meet many inexperienced clients who don’t know how to treat them well. The first rule of escorts says: if the girl is happy, you will be happy. And to make it that way, you need to follow a few simple tips. Some would say that these tips are just a common behavior. But you would be surprised how often the meeting ends in total dissatisfaction. From both sides. Escorts are not cheap entertainment, and to get the most out of it, you simply can’t cross the line. The line is different for every girl. So usually, the first step, searching for the best escorts, is the most important part.

Find your desired escort girl

The search process can take a lot of time, but it’s worth it. Don’t hire the first girl you seem to like. Take your time, browse through several ladies and minimize the risk of dissatisfaction. To find the best escorts in your area, go online and check trustworthy sites. The girls usually have photos on their profile page together with personal information, offered services and the price list. This should be enough to select the most promising ladies. Now, you need to contact them, tell them all your desires, and make the step forward from searching to hiring the best escort.

1. Discuss your desires in advance

Always talk about your fantasies before the actual meeting. Don’t try to surprise the girl with something she can’t expect. Not every escort lady offers the same services. And believe us, you really don’t have to be shy. Even if you think you have some weird kinks or fetishes, these girls have probably experienced it before. But they might not be willing to experience it again. That’s why you always discuss your desires in advance. Of course, the price is also related to the activities you are about to do. So be prepared to pay extra for every extra experience.

2. Make her feel special

Don’t think of an escort girl as something inferior. You would be surprised how smart some of these ladies are. But they are well aware of how beautiful and sexy their body is, and they don’t hesitate to use it. They get a lot of money and experience something new with every client. Escorts is not only about sex. Some clients take their escort girls on vacation or to expensive restaurants. And let’s face it, if a woman paid you to travel with her on an exotic vacation, you would hardly resist. An escort girl is a person just like any other. Think about the meeting more like a date. This will help you to feel comfortable.

And it will also help the girl to enjoy a great time with you. Take her to dinner, give her a gift, bring her a flower. Make it feel natural to slowly move to the sex activities. Of course, you pay for the time she spends with you. But that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy it too. And if she likes it, you bet she will try her best to make sure you enjoy it too. Mutual satisfaction is the right way to end the meeting. And maybe you will become her favorite client, and she will be open to something more.

3. Be nice, but don’t fall in love with her. Never ask her to meet for free

This tip is closely related to the previous one. But it has a deeper meaning. If you will be nice to her, she will probably be too. But that does not necessarily mean she likes you. You still have to keep in mind escort is her job. These girls don’t like to combine those two worlds – job and private life. It might happen you fall in love with an escort girl. But it’s a big no. Don’t even try to invite her to a date for free. Once you do it, she will probably put you on a blacklist, and you will never see her again. They simply don’t like to work with feelings during their job. But if she really likes you, she will contact you on her own, don’t worry. It doesn’t happen often, but exceptions exist.

4. How to pay for an escort

There are some rules in this business you need to know before the first meeting. The price is agreed upon in advance. Just like the services you get for your money. You always pay in cash. Escort girls really don’t have credit card terminals by them. You don’t talk about the money as a payment. It’s always a donation. And you never hand over the donation in public. If you invite the girl to your home, have the donation prepared in an envelope, and put it in a visible place where she can see it. Never ever try to pay less than you had agreed on. That’s one of the fastest ways to the blacklist.

5. Tip your escort

If you enjoyed the time with an escort girl, let her know it. Of course, you can tell her about your feelings. Or you can tip her. That means giving her extra money for her services. Her job is primarily about money. More money she gets, the more satisfied she will be. And she will be looking forward to seeing you again next time. Yes, we know it’s already expensive, but a few extra bucks won’t kill you. Have fun with your desired escort girl!

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