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About Only-Flirts

A horny chick is just a few blocks away! That sounds like some fake sex ad without a real girl on the other side. But what if that’s not an ad? What if there really is a bored teen home alone looking for some fun? Believe it or not, there are plenty of them! And you can find them at, where the hottest girls are waiting for Prince Charming with a huge dick who is able to fulfill all their fantasies! Are you the best for this job? Start your online dating career now. You probably don’t even know yet, what possibilities are hiding there. But soon, every naughty slut in your city will know who they should call when their juicy pussy gets wet and horny!

Sign Up for the Hottest Girls

Everything you need to jump to the action is filling in a few information, so they can find the best match for you in your neighborhood. You need to set what gender you are and what gender you are looking for. There are four options, but none of them is a new type of gender if you thought about that. You can choose whether you are a man, woman, transgender or couple. The third thing you need to create is your nickname. That sounds like an easy task, but in reality, the perfect nickname can attract the attention of the hottest girls on Only-Flirts.

You really don’t want to sound boring from the first view. Yes, Kevin69 is not the perfect choice. You should come up with a creative nickname but still keep it within some boundaries. If you choose FuckingMachine or PussyDestroyer, you know there could be ladies instantly blocking you from their feed. We let searching for the ideal nickname for you and move on to the next few information you need to fill in to complete your registration process on Only-Flirts. You need to fill in your email address, password, date of birth, nationality and city in which you are located. We recommend using your real email address because not only you can verify your profile that way, but also you get coins for that. But about that later.

Meet Your Soulmate

After you are successfully signed up, you immediately see all the girls who made the same decision as you. That means going to to find their soulmates or just guys who are willing to share their penis with them. Most of the girls here have already set up their profile pictures or have added pictures to their galleries. After the first view, you can adjust filters in the top-right corner, by which you definitely find your desired girl. And if not in your city, you can choose girls from other places as well.

On the profile page of every girl, you can find some information about them, such as height, weight, body type and more. And there is also a place where they give you a hint about what sex activities they like. From massage to footjob to anal or fisting. Some of those girls are really naughty. But you will find that on your own. If there is a girl who gets your attention, the easiest next step is to send her a message. And here comes the time to introduce to you the Only-Flirts coins. Although the registration is free, almost every activity will cost you money.

Only-Flirts Coins and Options

You receive a welcome gift in the form of 80 coins. And then, it’s on you. You can earn more coins by verifying your email address and by completing some tasks. For example, you get 20 coins when you add a profile picture or 20 coins if you pick 5 favorite sex activities. But from our own experience, you will need way more than just tens of coins. Because only sending a message will cost you 40 coins! If you are not an extra hot dude, you will need more than just one or two messages to get to know the girls better. Anyway, if you need to pay for a few more messages to get in the bed with the hottest girl from your city, you really won’t care about the money.

You should check your profile on Only-Flirts every day because not only you are looking for a girl. But also, they can contact you with a horny message that can appear in your chat anytime. The site is still quite new, but there are already many ladies, and more will be coming! Just like new options and improvements on the site.


Explore your neighborhood, find horny girls and find your way to the heart of wild sexy babes. Or, you know, just a way to their bedroom. Your dry phase is over! Every single girl is now online. And you should be too. At first, seducing them with words. And then transforming those words into actions! Don’t jerk off to porn anymore! Fuck every day with the hottest girls in the city! Visit, where fantasy turns pretty quickly into reality!

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