How To Find An Escort [Guide]

Let’s be honest now - every man has thought about hiring a sex worker one time or another. I know I’ve thought about it lots of times before and it took me some time to pick up the phone and arrange a date with an escort. Since I was in my early twenties, I was thinking about what it would be like if I hired an escort. I was a young, horny guy who only thought about sex and I couldn’t get enough.

The problem at the time was that none of the girls I dated could satisfy me the way I wanted to. I was picky and I expected a pornstar experience every time I had sex. Unfortunately for me, none of the girls were that experienced in bed so even though I reached climax, I didn’t feel satisfied.

When I made up my mind that I’ll actually hire an escort, I didn’t know where to start. I was too shy to ask where I could find one, so I had to research on my own. When I searched for how to find an escort, I got too much information which was pretty much useless at the time. The only thing I could use from all that information was to find escort agencies that had positive reviews in the last month or so. It’s the only tip I used and before I knew it, I was on the phone, arranging everything with one of the hottest escorts I’ve come across.

Because the entire process was too confusing and there was so much information online, I decided to write about my personal experience and how I managed to find an escort quickly and easily which completely satisfied my sexual fantasies.

Just Googling It Won’t Be Enough

The first thing I did was to search for escorts on Google. It was a bust because I came across way too many fake profiles of girls who either don’t exist or don’t even do escorting. I came across only a few escort agency websites, but with all that information in front of me, I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid to even call an agency because I thought it was a scam of some sort and I knew I had to find more information before I moved on.

I came across several threads on forums and I’ve read experiences from other people about this topic. I realized that I wasn’t the only one to have this problem but thankfully, I came across so much information on forums that I finally knew what I had to do so I could hire an escort.

Consider Only Certified Escort Agencies

The common thing about all the posts I’ve read during my research was to hire escorts only from a certified agency. When I first found an escort directory, I found thousands of escort profiles, but only a part of those profiles was from an agency. The other profiles were actually independent escorts who work alone. The independent escorts can be tricky to deal with because there’s no one to back their story. Most scams happen to people who decide to hire an independent escort and in a lot of cases, a completely different person shows up instead of the escort you were expecting.

I’ve personally hired a couple of escorts so far and each time I decided to hire an escort, I called a certified agency because I know that there’s almost no chance of me being unsatisfied. By talking to a couple of friends who have also hired escorts before, I realized that it’s a lot safer to go with an agency rather than with an independent escort. Also, it’s a lot easier to find information about an escort who works within an agency. You can see client reviews if they’re allowed and there’s generally much more information regarding rates and services an escort provides.

Use Escort Directories

When I first started looking for escorts, I looked for escort agencies, but I always had a problem with the number of escorts available. It seemed too difficult to find enough escorts to choose until I came across a few escort directories where I found profiles from a lot of escorts from dozens of agencies. Having the possibility to browse THOUSANDS of escort profiles and searching with a bunch of filters really made it simple to find the ideal escort!

The great thing about escort directories is the fact that most of them offer advanced search options where I could look for an escort based on her looks, age, ethnicity, or service she provides. Discovering escort directories made it super-simple to find exactly the perfect escort every time and I never had an issue finding one that would satisfy my every single need.

Take Your Time Before You Decide

One thing I realized that was really important is that I had to take my time before I actually hired an escort. Almost every time I looked for an escort, I created a shortlist which included several escorts I really liked! When I started using escort directories, I had such a huge number of girls to choose from that I didn’t want to rush things and pick an escort if there’s a better one that would look better or offer more services.

I didn’t have a problem taking my time because I’m shy by nature so I always hesitate before calling an escort or agency so making completely sure that one particular escort is the one I’ll call is something I did every time. Every time I took things slowly, I picked exactly the escort that satisfied my every need and I never made a mistake of hiring an escort and finding a better one shortly after.

One more thing that’s pretty important is to be confident with your choice. When I first started using escorts, I was anxious and I was never completely sure that I picked the right girl. When I started doing more thorough research, I became a lot more confident in my choices and I was a lot less stressed whether everything will go as I planned.

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