Where to have sex in public? 10 best places

Public sex

Don’t let your sex life become boring. Sex is one of the most important parts of every relationship, and you have to take proper care of it. You want your girl to be happy, and if you make her happy in bed, you will enjoy a great time. Great boring time because of the same position, same sex, same atmosphere every time. Have you ever thought of trying something riskier? Something that will bring whole new energy into your relationship? Something like public sex? Yes! You can discover new experiences and new possibilities while fucking in public. The adrenalin will add a special essence, and you will immediately forget the boring bedroom sex.

There are many places you can have sex outside the home, and we bring you some tips for the best experience. Some of them you have maybe already tried, but some of them you could be too shy to visit with your partner. But if you think your girl is not gonna like it, you are wrong. Girls are desperate for new sexual experiences. They want to have a completely new feeling while achieving orgasm anywhere you decide to fuck them. And if you want proof, you should watch the amateur girls getting fucked in public places by the infamous Public Agent. But now, it's all about you and your girl.

Top 10 places for public sex

We chose the best places for you and your partner to have public sex. Some places are riskier than others, but more risky means also more exciting, right? You can use this list as a checklist, and you can follow every place until you achieve number ten. And you know you will enjoy a lot of fun while accomplishing this list, and of course, a lot of sex in unusual places. Now it’s time to look at those magical places, where you can make your partner fall in love with you again.

List of the best places for public sex (click on the place for faster navigation)

1. Sex in a car5. In the pool9. Sex on a plane
2. On the parking lot6. On the hotel balcony10. In changing rooms
3. Sex on the beach7. In the classroom
4. Public sex in nature8. In public restrooms

1. Sex in a car

Let’s start with something simple and quite usual. Car sex is a common way how to have sex if you can’t bring your girl home. But it can also serve as an exciting way of bringing something new to your relationship. You can even choose the level of risk of getting caught. If you want to start slowly and minimize the risk, you should choose some quiet place in the middle of nowhere. You soon find out, the car sex is not as comfortable as sex in bed, but with a little bit of practice, you will become a real car sex master after a few times.

Tip number one for the car sex is taking as little clothes as possible. And, of course, don’t wear something that is hard to take off. There is no time, and really no space for complicated undressing. So instead of jeans, wear some sweatpants, and girls can let their bra at home. If you feel cold, you can let the engine running and make heat in the car.

Car sex

Tip number two. Watch some porn videos before you try the car sex. It will save you a lot of time when trying to figure out the best position for pounding your girl. You can try many different positions and then choose the right for you. But remember there will always be less space than you are used to from the bed. So don’t insist on your favorite sex position, when it’s not possible.

Tip number three. Always have some tissues in the car. You don’t want to make a mess on your seats that is hard to remove. You can also clean the car before you fuck there because you can then easily take off your shoes and don’t have to be afraid of getting dirty.

2. On the parking lot

This is a higher level of public car sex. Now when you can easily move inside the car and know what position is the best for you, you can choose a riskier place for having fun with your girl. You can try places near some houses or straight away the parking lots. There is also a difference if you do it at night or in the day when there is a much higher chance of getting caught. The empty parking lot in front of the supermarket at night is really a magical place. There is only you, your partner, and a few street lamps. What a romance.

But you can still feel quite safe. In the day, it’s different. There are many people walking everywhere near to your car, and it’s almost impossible to have sex without getting caught. Now it depends on your courage. You know you don’t have to shove your penis inside your girl to enjoy the fun. You can also use your hands or mouth. Handjob and fingering is a great secret way, how to hide your appetite. But you know what the men dream of the most. Yes, being sucked while sitting behind the wheel. The proper blowjob in a car is something you have to give to your boyfriend. But we don’t recommend to do that when you are driving, because he wouldn’t be able to focus on the road.

3. Sex on the beach

You, your partner, and a sparkling sea. There is no more romantic place than the beach at night. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and no people around. You can choose the ideal place and fuck your girl while she can enjoy the nice view of the night sky and the sea. This memory will always stay in your head. The best vacation ever!

Sex on the beach

But sometimes, you can’t hold your lust till night. When you see your partner only in the bathing suit, it can make you so horny, you just have to fuck. And it’s not a problem if you can find the right place to have sex on the beach, where are no people around. There is not much to take off of your partner, so you can almost immediately shove your dick inside her wet pussy and make your day better. But still, don’t forget to put the sunscreen on, you don’t want to regret it.

We know it can be hard for someone to reach the beach by sea, but the sea is not an obligation here. You can have sex by the lake, and the effect will be almost the same. There is water, there is a beautiful night sky, and there is your partner prepared for the most romantic sex of their life. What could you wish more?

4. Public sex in nature

This way of public sex needs a little bit of planning. Because you need to find the right place, where it’s not too risky, but you will still feel the adrenaline. There are many places in nature, where you can have sex with your partner, so don’t be afraid of trying them all. But we give you at least some tips for the start of your adventure.

The safest place for having sex in nature is making a trip to the forest. You can find a place where you will be completely alone and then it’s only up to you and your imagination. You can lay your girl on a tree stump and fuck her deep, you can fuck her from behind while standing, or you can tie her to the tree and do anything you like with her. The advantage of having sex in the forest is that you can be loud as you want because nobody is close enough to hear you.

Having sex in the park is a little bit riskier, because it’s smaller than the forest, it’s closer to people, and you can be heard. But more adrenaline, more fun. You can also use the bench to have a better experience. Or lay the picnic blanket on the grass and do it just like you love it. There are no limits in nature sex.

Sex in nature

There are still more options for having sex in nature, but we chose only one more and pretty questionable one. Sex in the cemetery can sound bad, but for some, it could be really exciting. It’s scary enough to go to the cemetery at night just like that. But what if you transform the fear into a pleasure. There is a real silence, graves everywhere, and you can make your girl come hard on some old gravestone. Are you brave enough to try it?

5. In the pool

We were already talking about hot bodies in bathing suits. But what about wet hot bodies? When you and your love are swimming together in the pool, there is no way you don’t touch those magical boobs in bikini. Or better without bikini. The tanned body of your beautiful girlfriend is prepared for some underwater sex action. And you know what to do when she turns her back on you. Grab her hair, pull your penis, and slowly go for it.

Of course, you can’t do that in the swimming pool full of people, but some hotels offer private pools with a nice view, or hot tub, where everything is allowed. But you should still think of some important things. Water makes sex harder. Yes, you think there is so much water, the penis will slide in and out like nothing, but the opposite is true. The water washes away the wet of the girl’s vagina. It’s a little bit ironic, but you should be prepared and use some oil-based or silicone lubricant. Another advice is about the cleanliness of the pool. It’s really important for your health to not have sex in dirty water. It could cause you some troubles, you really don’t want to bother with

6. Hotel balcony

As you are learning, your vacation can be full of sex. Full of exciting public sex. We have already talked about sex on the beach, sex in the pool, and now comes the time for sex on the hotel balcony. The sun is shining, you have a view of the sea, and people are walking on the streets or swimming in the pool. You can hear the noise, but it doesn’t bother you. It makes sex only more exciting and riskier. When the girl is looking outside, leaning on the railing of the balcony, completely naked, it’s the right time to come from behind and make her vacation even better.

She can’t scream, she has to be as quiet as possible, but you should fuck her deep until she comes hard on that balcony. Yes, somebody can be watching you, but that’s not your biggest concern. Your biggest concern is to make your girl satisfied. That’s what the public sex is all about.

Sex on the balcony

Of course, you can have sex on the balcony at home, but it would be quite embarrassing if the neighbors would catch you. You have to be even more cautious, and that could ruin your sex. But you can try it, and maybe it will be ok, and you enjoy great public sex with your horny girlfriend. Public sex has no limits.

7. Classroom or Library

You surely know the feeling, when your classmate is so hot, you would fuck her anywhere in the school building. And we say, why not? If she is willing to do it, just do it. Sex in the empty classroom on the teacher’s desk, it’s exciting, but of course, very risky. Because you never know who can enter the room. But maybe that’s what makes the school sex so tempting.

Even riskier is to have sex in the library. The silence, studying people, and now you. You and your horny girlfriend deciding where is the right place to have sex between books. Even when you find the right place, you have to be very careful, because every loud noise you make, can arouse suspicion. And you really don’t want to be caught by the strict librarian with your trunks at your knees.

8. Public restrooms

Sometimes your girlfriend is so horny, she has to have sex immediately. And that’s the demand that is hard to meet when you are in the shopping center, in the movie theater or at the concert. But there is still one place where you can have privacy. Yes, I am talking about public restrooms. It’s not so easy as it sounds. Because it’s hard to find the right restroom with the least probability of people. If you think you found the right one, there comes another hard decision. Choosing men or women toilets. One option is visiting the restroom for handicapped people, but it’s usually locked.

If you have chosen your way, you should go through every toilet cabin, if there is no one losing a few pounds. If they are all empty, you know, you are free to go. Free to fuck your girl in every possible way. There are not many possible positions, but you always find the one, your girl will love. But still, you have to be quiet and be hoping that it’s not the time for a cleaning lady.

Public restrooms sex

9. Sex on a plane, on a train

We are getting slowly to the end of our public sex list. Number nine is very tempting, but really hard to make. We were talking here about a vacation full of sex, and you can start with it already during the flight or train ride. First, let’s talk about sex on a plane. It’s a great theme in porn movies, but are you able to do that on your own? When the plane is full of people, everybody is watching your every step through the alley, it’s not easy at all to go to the same toilet, as your partner is already waiting for you in.

And even if you make it, you have to be fast and quiet, because the flight attendant is watching you. They are watching every suspicious movement. So the sex on plane toilets is really not what you would expect. There is no space, you are nervous, and you really can’t enjoy the sex fully. But there is still a way you can satisfy your needs. And you don’t have to be on the toilet. Because you can always use your hand, and the braver ones can even use their mouth. But you have to be very careful because you can end up in big trouble if they would catch you wanking or sucking your man’s penis.

If you want to enjoy sex in public transport, the train is a better choice than the plane. You can find trains where it is not many passengers, and sometimes you can even choose if you want to fuck right on the seats or on the toilet. You should start with the sex on a train on the toilets, it’s safer for the beginning. But if you want the high-risk sex, you don’t have to go anywhere. You just have to hope the train conductor won’t find out.

10. Public sex in the changing room

Now comes the riskiest place for public sex. It’s so tempting! But could you imagine having sex behind the curtain of the changing room, when there are so many people walking around you? You can’t even choose the empty store, because the shop assistant would soon find out what is going on. This kind of public sex needs a lot of planning. It’s not an impulsive decision. At first, you need to find the right store where you can feel safe while having sex in the changing room. Wooden doors are the best. Curtains are way too risky.

If you find the convenient store, you have to choose the right time for your action. There can’t be many people, but also the shop assistant can’t be bored, because they wouldn’t let you do anything so courageous. These two steps are really necessary if you want to minimize the risk of getting caught.

Sex in changing room

If you think everything is prepared, your partner can choose some bras to try on before the sex in the dressing room, and you can make the number ten. Public sex in the changing room. The riskiest part of our list. Now you can be sure your sex life will never ever be boring again.

What happens if you get caught having sex in public?

You already know where to have sex in public, and now comes the time, we will talk about when it doesn’t go as planned. Now I don’t mean you will miss the train or will get bitten by a crab on the beach. I am talking about getting caught while having the best time of your life with your partner. Public sex is risky, and that’s why it is so attractive. You can choose the amount of risk, but you need to have on your mind, that this decision also affects the probability of getting caught. 

Different places mean different people who can catch you while having sex. While on the beach or in nature there will be mostly couples on romantic walks that won’t care what you are doing there, on a plane or in the store you can get in huge trouble when someone would find out what you are up to. So you can’t generalize the consequences of getting caught, but in all cases, it would be awkward, and it would definitely ruin your experience.

Where is public sex legal?

Now we get a little bit deeper into the question, what happens if you get caught having sex in public. Because as you maybe know, public sex is against the law almost everywhere in the world. Yep, if someone catches you pounding your girl in a public place and calls the police, you can get into real troubles. And I mean really serious trouble because you can end up also in jail.

Usually, it depends where you have been fucking. In the woods or somewhere in the car is not so bad as having sex in the mall or on a train. Anyway, you will always be punished, mostly it will cost you hundreds or thousands of bucks. If you would try having sex in riskier places, such as on a plane, and you would get caught, the jail time could be real. Immediately after the arrival, the police will be waiting for you, and you will have a lot to explain.

So the answer to the main question is - public sex, where you can be seen by anybody, is not legal anywhere in Europe or the United States. That’s why you have to be very careful while doing it. But don’t forget, more risk means more excitement, so don’t be discouraged and make your relationship a little bit spicier by having sex in public.

Are you ready for public sex?

Sometimes you have to give up the comfort of the bed to make something crazy. Having sex in public is one way of bringing completely new energy to your relationship. You can choose the right place, the right time, and you can go for it. You can try different places with different amount of risk, but you should have always prepared the plan B. Because you need to count with unexpected circumstances that can ruin your sexual adventure. But if everything goes just like you planned, you can experience the best sex of your life. Don’t be boring, don’t be shy, try something different.

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