24 Sex Terms You Wish You Knew Earlier

Sex Terms

It’s school time! Nah, don’t worry, we are not here to give you some boring lessons. But we will teach you something new anyway. Have you ever heard or read some sex term, but you were too embarrassed to ask about its meaning? We are here to bring you brief answers to all your questions. We tried to avoid well-known and popular sexual terms such as anal, blowjob, or bondage because we know that you know them already. So you can look forward to learning new porn slang with every new word. Airtight, spinner, PAWG, or ahegao – yes, all of them are modern porn terms you can use to improve your porn watching skills or to show off in front of your friends. Let’s see what else we’ve got here for you. Sit comfortably, because sex terms education lesson now begins.

Do you speak porn?

We have divided twenty-four sex terms into four groups for a better overview. Of course, you can run into many other sex slang words while browsing your favorite porn sites, and that’s why we have prepared for you a complete dictionary of porn terms! You can find there more than a hundred sexual terms with an accurate description, so you will always know where to look for help when you find some new exciting sex word while watching porn. Let the Pornlinks be your guide through the whole world of porn.

What sex terms are waiting for you? (click on term for faster navigation)

1. Spit Roast7. Cuckold13. ATM19. Bukkake
2. Airtight8. Chastity14. BBW20. Flashlight
3. Deepthroat9. Clamping15. CEI21. Lovense
4. Strapon10. Caning16. PAWG22. Glory Hole
5. Pegging11. CBT17. Squirting23. Hentai
6. Rimming12. JOI18. Spinner24. Ahegao

Couple +1 sex activities

The first group of porn slang words has something to do with the couple sex or threesome. That’s the type of sex, where three people are involved. We know you already know that, but just to be sure everyone understands this category. Plus, you can count that as sex term number 25 in this lesson. Alright, prepare your brain, prepare your cock, because the road to the depths of porn begins.

1. Spit Roast

Spit roast is quite common sex act during threesome sex. This sexual act involves one girl and two men. Better said, one girl between two men. Because spit roast means that the girl is sucking one man’s cock, while another one is fucking her from behind. That’s one way how to satisfy all three participants of 3some sex.

2. Airtight

Airtight is usually performed at group orgies with more than two dicks and only one girl. The airtight is the sex act when all the girl’s holes are filled with cocks or dildos. To perfectly do that, you need to perform double penetration, and the third cock must be in a girl’s mouth. You can substitute one of the cocks with a dildo or butt plug.

3. Deepthroat

Deepthroat is the nastiest type of blowjob. The goal of this sucking technique is to fit the whole dick into the mouth, eventually into the throat. It depends on the size of the man’s penis. An obstacle while trying to make proper deepthroat could be a gag reflex that causes the urge to puke. A girl can get rid of the gag reflex by hard training to be able to perform the perfect deepthroat with any huge cock she takes into her slutty mouth.

4. Strapon

Strapon is a dildo attached to a belt or harness. This sex tool is used by lesbian couples to simulate straight sex. Or, ladies use strapon to fuck their boyfriends in the ass. This activity is called pegging, and you will learn about it below. This fake dick is also used in lezdom activities when the mistress is fucking her female slave with strapons of enormous sizes.

5. Pegging

Pegging has become one of the most popular sex terms nowadays. It’s used quite often, so you should know what this sexual term means before someone tries to offer you this hardcore sexual experience. Pegging is the sex act when a girl is fucking her boy in the ass by strapon. For many guys, it’s an unimaginable idea; for others, it’s an enjoyable sexual act. And you should also know that pegging is a straight sex activity and is more common than you would expect.

6. Rimming

Rimming is a very popular sexual activity among young people. For someone, it could be disgusting, but for others, it could bring a lot of pleasure. We are talking here about licking someone’s anal rim. This sex act is not loved only by women, but also many guys find rimjob enjoyable and make their girlfriends lick their asshole. You can also use the word analingus for this nasty sex act.

7. Cuckold

A cuckold is usually a man who watches his wife or girlfriend having sex with another man. That sounds crazy, but there are many submissive men who wish to experience this sexual act. In some cases, the sub also joins the activity. But not because of a proper threesome, but to suck the other man’s cock, or to lick the cum out of the woman’s pussy. It gets even better when the girl is getting fucked by a big black cock. The difference between the cuckold’s dick and BBC makes the cuckold humiliated, and that’s exactly what he is looking for. You can even visit many porn sites focusing strictly on cuckolding.

BDSM sex practices

The second group of less known sexual terms or activities has something to do with BDSM practices. The infamous abbreviation BDSM could be for someone hard to understand, so here you go. BDSM means bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. These four letters mean the most hardcore and brutal sexual activities that you can do or you can watch. There are many sex acts that belong to BDSM, such as bondage, fisting, whipping, or spanking, etc. But you probably know them already, so we tried to choose less known sex terms.

8. Chastity

Chastity is a metal tool for men to prevent their dick from getting bigger. It’s like a prison for the cock. Chastity is usually used in femdom activities because mistresses love to tease their slave as he is not capable of erection. There is a similar tool for women, and it’s called a chastity belt. This belt covers the pussy, and the only one who’s got the keys for unlocking it is the master.

9. Clamping

Clamping is one of many ways how to cause pain to your submissive partner. All you need to enjoy a lot of fun while doing this classic BDSM sex activity are clothespins, clips, pegs, or clamps. And you probably already know what to do with them. You can choose every part of the body to attach these tools, but your partner’s hard nipples are always the best choice.

10. Caning

Caning is another BDSM sexual practice, but this one can be a little bit more brutal. To cause pain to your slave you need a cane, and then it’s only up to you how hard you want to punish your submissive partner. This extreme sex act can be aimed at different parts of the body, but the most usual targets of caning are the ass, back, tits, or dick. You can see the skin turning red, so you can imagine how much your partner suffers.

Porn slang abbreviations and acronyms

Alright, until now, you could at least guess what those sexual terms mean before the explanation. But in this group of less known porn slang words, you can see only some letters. But don’t worry, you will be a real sex expert after you find out what those porn abbreviations mean. We think that you already know sex terms such as BBC (big black cock), MILF (mom, I’d like to fuck), or POV (point of view), so we tried to focus on not so popular sex activities.

11. CBT

Cock and Ball Torture. We stay for another moment at BDSM practices because CBT is our first sex abbreviation you can add to your porn vocabulary. The CBT sex activities include everything that has something to do with causing pain to man’s genitals. There are several brutal sex acts such as ballbusting, trampling, squeezing, caning, or sounding. Cock and ball torture is very popular among dominant women during femdom practices because they love causing pain to the most sensitive parts of a man’s body.

12. JOI

Jerk off Instructions. When a woman is telling the men what to do to properly jerk off. You can watch plenty of porn videos, where the hottest girls are giving instructions step by step to all the horny guys, how to wank their cocks. These girls use their sexy voice, dirty talk, or they even show how to do it on their dildos. There are different types of JOI sex videos. Sometimes the girl is completely dressed and just talks. Sometimes the girl gradually takes her clothes off as she tries to make you hornier. And sometimes, she ends up fingering her pussy and trying to reach orgasm at the same time as her viewers.

13. ATM

Ass to Mouth. Of course, the first thing you were thinking of was money, but this time, ATM means something different, but it’s still enjoyable. This sex term means only one thing. When a man is fucking a girl in the ass and then shoves his cock straight into her mouth, that’s what you can call a proper ATM. This ass to mouth sexual activity is popular in threesome sex when one girl is waiting with her opened mouth for the cock that is deep in another girl’s ass.

14. BBW

Big Beautiful Woman. When you have enough of skinny girls, you can try to satisfy some fat lady. You can call them fat, don’t worry, they don’t mind, because they are proud of their bodies. But you should know, these BBW need a real huge cock to fill their pussy. And when your dick is not enough, fisting is always an option. If you are ready to see the nastiest and the bustiest women, BBW porn sites are waiting for you.

15. CEI

Cum Eating Instructions. Another sex act when a girl will tell you what to do. But this time, it’s not for everyone. It depends on how nasty you are. Are you ready to swallow your own cum? Have you always been curious about how the semen tastes? Now you have the option because these girls will make you eat every drop of your jizz. But you still have two options. The first one is easy. You just have to wank your cock, cum in some bowl, and then, you know, eat it. The second way how to taste your semen is for the flexible guys. Because you have to be able to perform an autofellatio. Another great sexual term! It’s the activity when you suck your own dick. Yep, just imagine putting your huge cock into your own mouth. And then fill it with your cum. All of that, while listening to some hot girl with a beautiful voice. That’s CEI.

16. PAWG

Phat Ass White Girl. Just a white girl with a large butt. One of the best sexual activities is to pound the PAWG from behind, slap that ass, and watch her butt bouncing while your cock is deep in her wet pussy. Ok, if you just imagined that, you know the sex term PAWG is your new favorite, and you should probably look for some porn videos with the hottest phat ass white girls.

Other sex terms

Now we are close to an end of our sex education lesson, but we still have eight exciting sex terms and their definitions for you. These porn words don’t fit any of the groups above, so here we have them together. If you are looking for porn sites where you can watch all the sex acts we have introduced to you, you don’t have to search anymore. Because we have all of them in our categories section precisely sorted, so you always know what to expect when visiting these amazing porn tubes.

17. Squirting

Squirting is the hottest type of female orgasm. When a girl reaches the climax, she is able to squirt a clear fluid out of her pussy. Not every girl is capable of squirting orgasm, and don’t confuse squirting with pissing. Those two acts are completely different. Some people say that squirting in porn is fake, and they can be right by some of the pornstars. But the act itself is very real.

18. Spinner

Spinner is the synonym for a tiny girl. You can call them also skinny or petite girls, but the spinner is, in reality, a type of really tiny girl that you have trouble fitting your cock into her tight pussy. They are so small that you can do almost anything in any position with them. And they love to try to fit BBCs in their tiny cunts. But be aware that you can run into many funny porn videos with fidget spinner while looking for some real spinner sex clips.

19. Bukkake

Bukkake is a type of group sex or group sex activity, where three or more men are ejaculating on a woman’s body, face, or in the mouth. Usually, the girl is kneeling in the middle of the circle created by the horny men, and she is sucking and wanking their dicks until they cum on her. Those cumshots in bukkake should aim at best on the girl’s face or in her mouth, so she can swallow the biggest load of semen of her life.

20. Flashlight

A Flashlight is a masturbation tool for men. Flashlight imitates a woman’s vagina, so the man is feeling like he is fucking a real girl. Nowadays, you can even buy flashlights that imitate a girl’s mouth or ass. This wanking helper will appreciate mostly those guys who are tired of using their hand for jerking off. Also, couples can use this masturbation tool when the girl is in her period.

21. Lovense

Lovense is a modern device for girls that helps them reach orgasm. Or better said, this tool is used to make the girl reach multiple orgasms. Lovense is used on live cam porn sites, where users can control the intensity of vibrations by their donations. Lovense is a little pink thing that girl shoves in her pussy, and every time someone tips credits or money, it starts to vibrate. The little helper Lovense Lush can also be controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy a lot of fun with your girlfriend while hanging out.

22. Glory Hole

Glory hole is a porn act when a girl is in a room with a hole in the wall, and a man shoves his penis through that hole, so the girl can do whatever she wants with that dick. There can be more holes, which means more dicks. This sex activity usually takes place in public restrooms, but in reality, the glory hole is not such a common sex act.

23. Hentai

Hentai means animated porn, where everything is allowed. And by everything, we mean really every sex act that comes to your mind. And maybe even sexual activities that you haven’t ever thought of. Originally, hentai porn movies were created with Japanese anime or manga characters in the main roles, but now you can see almost every cartoon character in some hentai porn clip. The most popular hentai character in the world is, without any doubts, Lara Croft, but you can also watch busty Marge from The Simpsons, or female characters from video games.

24. Ahegao

Ahegao is a type of woman’s facial expression during orgasm. This orgasm face is very popular lately, mostly because of the rising popularity of hentai porn movies. Ahegao originally came from Japanese female hentai characters, who scream loudly and make that hot facial expression. It’s a kind of o-face orgasm, but in ahegao, the girl has to stick out her tongue and roll or cross her eyes. 

Add new sex terms into your porn vocabulary

These were twenty-four less-known sexual terms, which can help you enjoy better intimate or porn experience. But there are many, many more porn slang words that you maybe don’t know yet. So don’t forget that you can find many other sexual words in our dictionary of porn terms, that is updated constantly. From now on, you will know exactly what you are looking for when you visit some of the amazing porn sites. And when you run into some unfamiliar sex term, you know where to look for the answers.

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