Czech Casting truth revealed! Is it real? How it works?

Czech Casting

It’s real, it’s hot, it’s the Czech Casting. The most famous porn casting in the world is part of the porn industry for 10 years now, and we will tell you how it is possible that Czech Casting have so many models and so many beautiful young Czech girls are willing to have sex in front of the camera on that legendary white couch. How much money do the girls earn? How many girls were on that couch? Are the raping scandals real? We have answers to every question, and we will share them with you in the following lines. Sit comfortably and enjoy the truth behind the notorious Czech Casting.

What is Czech Casting?

You can imagine the porn industry as the famous Hollywood. I know it sounds a little bit silly, but let me explain this comparison. If you have a dream to star in some Hollywood movie, you have to make a few smaller steps to reach your dream. Just like in the porn industry. You can’t think you make some homemade porn video, and you become a famous pornstar. Everything has a system, and you have to go through it.

First, you need to find a way how to make people from the movie or porn industry know about you. You can send photos or videos to them, but they got thousands of them every day, so I can assure you, they won’t even notice you sent them some files. You have to find another way. And you have to choose if you want the solo way or you will find some agency that will take care of you. It’s up to you, but the next step is, finally, the casting! That’s the first important step in the real world of movies or porn.

Czech Casting - Eliska 1760

Many people say there is only one chance. If you catch the attention of the right people, you can look forward to an exciting career. But if you fail, it could mean the end of your dream. And now comes the time of Czech Casting, that is here to find new models for the infamous world of porn. For many girls, this is the first experience with sex in front of the camera. Many of them are doing this for money, but some of them really dream of a successful career in shooting porn.

Basically, the Czech Casting is the first step for an amateur girl who wants to break into the world of porn. Her performance on the white couch can decide about her next future. But, of course, even the casting shooting means some money for her, but it’s not as much as you would think or as she can earn in the future. But we will talk about that later. Now you know the Czech Casting is the stepping stone into the real world of porn for many girls. But how did it all begin?

History of Czech Casting

All started in 2011 with a simple idea, just like many other successful businesses. The porn makers already had castings for girls, so they could choose the hottest ones, but it was all behind the closed doors. It was shot on the camera too, so one day one of the porn makers came with the best idea of his life. To use the tapes and show the first porn experience of the girls to the world. So far, the girls had no money from the casting, but it was going to change.

Czech Casting girls

It had to change because those young inexperienced girls weren’t willing to have sex in front of the camera and show their naked bodies publicly. But a little motivation simply changed their minds. And by little motivation, I mean really little, because the girl earned for one casting porn video only 16 euros at that time. You would think many girls refuse to do that, but the opposite was true. When the word had spread, that the Czech Casting is giving money for sex, an incredibly long queue was waiting for the makers straight away the next day.

From that time, a lot has changed, but the principle has remained the same. The girl comes, answers some questions, and then usually fucks the cameraman. After three years of duty, the main porn actor/cameraman has been changed, and as well there is now the second white couch in the Czech Casting history. The first one was sold on eBay in 2019. During the 10 years, the Czech Casting has been visited by more than two thousand girls, and now we can look at what they all had to go through so you could see them fuck on that white couch.

How does it work?

It looks easy, and I can tell you, it is really easy for the producers of Czech Casting. The makers don’t have to actively look for the girls, because they either come by themselves or thanks to some agency or friends. And now, let’s have a look at the process from the girl’s first step into the casting building to the first experience of fucking in front of the camera. You won’t believe what those girls are capable of doing for such a little money.

Czech Casting - 0704

Some girls are determined and they know exactly what they are going to do, so they accept the fact, that everyone will see them getting fucked. But some of the girls are more sensitive and give it up just seconds before the casting. Or some regret the decision of making porn their entire life. We are not so sensitive, so the only thing we care of is that we want to see the girl’s tits and we want to watch her fucking the cameraman, that’s all.

How much money girls get?

Now it’s time to reveal how much money the girl gets for her performance at Czech Casting. As we said, ten years before the girls earned 16 euros, now it’s a little bit more but still less than you would think. When the girl comes by herself, she will get 150 euros. Yep, not so much, right? But there is also the option that the girl is recommended by some agency or friend, and they will get 150 euros too. I am really amazed by how many girls are willing to have sex for this amount of money and in front of the entire internet, you too?

Some girls hope, no one from their surroundings won’t find out, they did that, and the production is helping them because the porn site is not available from the Czech Republic or Slovakia. But there are many other ways how you can watch those casting videos. People are using the option to download the casting videos, and then they upload them to many other porn sites. So the girl has to accept, she will be seen by her friends and maybe her family too.

Process of the casting

Finally, we can say something about the process of Czech Casting. Don't think that the production agrees with every girl who stops by them. If the girl comes, the cameraman at first takes two photos of her and sends them to his superiors. They decide whether the girl is eligible to shoot the video, or not. If yes, the casting then can continue.

The next process is quite simple. The main decision is on the girl, whether she decides to sign the contract. If yes, it’s done, and the future tape will belong to the production. Before the signing, the secretary goes through the contract with the girl and is ready to answer her every question. The contract has three pages, and everything important is explained there. The girl has a lot of time to read the contract so she can be sure she really knows what she is about to do. After the signing, the showtime is coming.

Czech Casting - Interview

But first, yes, the interview. The girl answers the questions about her age, if she is in a relationship, about her sex experiences, her job or hobbies. Now when you have the knowledge who is sitting in front of the camera, it’s time to move to the cameraman. He will guide the girl to take off step by step her clothes and take photos of her. When she is completely naked, the cameraman takes the 360° photo, and then they are ready to go to the action.

The action must not always be sex with the cameraman. Some girls only masturbate on the couch, other girls have help from their girlfriend and enjoy lesbian fucking. But most of them are there to fuck the cameraman, and that’s also what we want to see. Just as the blowjob with which everything begins. Everything is shot from POV, so you see only the beautiful Czech girl fucked from every possible position.

How do they have so many models?

The question is real, and it’s quite complicated to answer it, but we will try, don’t worry. We can divide the women into three categories. For the first category, the main motivation is money. Ye, I know it’s not much, but for someone 150 euros is enough for having sex. We don’t judge anyone here, because we love every amateur girl.

The second group is full of girls who dream of having a successful career in the porn industry, and the Czech Casting is the beginning of their long journey to fame. And of course, with a bigger career, comes bigger money. And the last group of girls is maybe the smallest one, but it still exists. Those girls go to the casting only because of fun and to enjoy proper sex with a professional. The money is only a little bonus for them.

Czech Casting scandals

Ten years of shooting porn is a long time, and it’s clear that there had to be some scandals. As the cameraman said, at least one time in a month, he has to go to the police station to defend himself against the allegations of rape. Some girls just don’t take it calmly, that someone saw them fucking on the internet, and they make up some bullshit stories. Maybe they don’t know, the studio has security cameras everywhere, so there is no chance for them to succeed at the court.

Czech Casting - White couch fucking

Another scandal is also connected with the cameraman. Someone in Czech newspapers has written that he had sex with his sister in one of the porn videos. Incest is in the Czech Republic against the laws, so he could get into trouble. But he was more worried about his family. Just imagine their mom when she is reading, that her two children had sex together. Yes, pretty awful, but don't worry, it’s not true at all.

And one of the most well-known cases is probably the one, when a teacher, who came to the casting, said shortly after the casting, that she was drugged and raped. The Czech media like the story, and the hunt on the cameraman and entire Czech Casting began. The case lasted about 6 months, and after that, everyone knew, the teacher had sex voluntarily. And what is even more exciting, the producers had another porn video with the teacher, and they posted it immediately after the end of the case.

Czech Casting never fails

On the internet, it is hard to tell what is real and what is made up by the producers. But there is one hundred percent certainty that all the girls on the white couch are real amateurs, that are looking for fun or money. And that’s the reason why we love Czech Casting because everyone knows Czech girls are the most beautiful in the world, and here you have the unique opportunity to watch them fucking hard.

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