First Time at a Strip Club [Guide]

First time at a strip club

It doesn't matter what reason takes you to the strip club. Whether your heart is broken, you want to enjoy some fun with your friends, or you just want to see pretty girls. If it's the first time you are thinking about visiting a strip club, we have prepared some useful tips that will help you throw away all the shyness everyone has inside before going to a strip club for the first time. And if you are an already experienced strip club visitor, you may discover new things that will help you make your visits even more entertaining. How to avoid scams? How much money will you need? What is strip club etiquette? We have answers to all those questions, and we are about to give them to you together with our own experience.

What to do before going to a strip club for the first time

The decision is hard, but it has to come one day. Not only you will have an opportunity to see the most beautiful girls showing off their perfect bodies right in front of you, but you will also enjoy a night you have never experienced before. But there are a lot of questions that come up together with this decision. Don't worry, we are here to prepare you for everything. We even tried some of the best strip clubs in Prague to give you an honest guide using our own experience. Don't ask yourself if you want to go to a strip club. Instead, ask when you want to go to a strip club.

First of all, you have to choose the right strip club. Don't be a miser. At least not for the first time. You want to enjoy a great night, and a professional strip club will provide you with the best experience. You really don't want to be disappointed. You can visit cheaper nightclubs next time. The first time has to be special. So, research the best strip clubs in your city, pick one, and start a new era of your adult life.

Before going to a strip club, you should find out if they have any rules you have to follow to be allowed to enter the club. Now we are talking, for example, about the dress code rules. Some of the fancy clubs want their visitors to look representative. In either way, you should avoid wearing dirty clothes or visibly old clothes. The next tip is also important. And it's about food. Eat something before you visit a strip club. Not only you won't find any food on the strip club's menu, but you also don't want your stomach to make weird noises while a gorgeous girl dances on your lap. Another piece of advice is about money, but that's a whole nother story.

How much money does a night at a strip club cost?

This is one of the most common questions when the talk is about strip clubs. We all know you won't get richer after spending a night in a strip club. Moreover, the night can cost you a lot of money. It all depends on what you want to do in the nightclub. But always, have some cash in your wallet. You don't need to spend money on girls, but the drinks cost a fortune in such bars. And we mean, you have probably never paid so much money for a cup of water. The prices of alcoholic drinks usually start at €10. But get much higher if you are thinking about drinking expensive rum or whiskey.

Now let's look at the prices if you want to have some fun with the girls. In Prague strip clubs, the usual price for a lap dance is €60. It could be easily the most expensive 5 minutes of your life so far. But again, that's just a lap dance. If you want more, you will have to pay more. The private lesbian show is for €120, and if you want to have the girl for yourself for a longer time, you will need to empty your wallet. Another important tip, always have cash. The dancers don't have credit card machines hidden in their panties. And if there is an ATM in the club, you don't want to use it either. The fees are so high, you should look for the nearest ATM on the street.

How to behave at a strip club

Entering a strip club's door is not an everyday experience. You can imagine it. You can ask your friends for their feelings. But it's always different. You really can't be prepared for that. But you usually find out you want to repeat those emotions you had when you first entered the gentlemen's club. But the first time is only once. After you get in, you will want to look like an experienced visitor. To become one, you need to know how to behave in a strip bar. There are few basic rules you should follow if you want to enjoy your night as best as possible or if you don't want to get in trouble.

First of all, use your phone as little as possible. Of course, you are not allowed to take pictures in the club. But even if you are not doing it, it may seem that way. So if it's necessary, use your phone without aiming anywhere. Put it on the table, and everything should be fine. Another tip for first-time goers, as well as experienced strip club visitors, is to try to be nice but not creepy. There are a lot of creepy men going to strip clubs, so don't be one of them. Enjoy the girl's company, be kind, let her do her job, and that's it. The last tip is meant for the case if you go alone to a strip club. It's a whole new experience, and you are not able to know everything. So watch how other visitors interact with the girls, and you can try to repeat their behavior.

If you are with friends, simply let them do the hard work. If they know the club, let them choose the seats. And if you are alone, you have to avoid VIP seats, but you also should try to find the best seat from where you will have the best view of the main stage. Some of the clubs have their seating plan on their website, so it's worth taking a look. Choosing a perfect seat is the first step, and now, the real fun can begin.

First steps in a strip club

You get your drinks, and after a few moments, the dancers will be coming to you. Now, you have three options on how to react. The first is also the most difficult. When you are not prepared for interaction yet, you have to send the girl away. But you have to do it in the kindest possible way. Honesty is usually a good choice. If you tell her you are not ready for anything, she will leave you alone and will try her luck later. You don't have to be worried she will still stay with you because she won't spend her time that way if she doesn't feel a chance to get money from you.

The second option comes into play when you are slowly getting ready to have an interaction with the girl. The small talk comes to the action. These girls are usually very kind and are ready to talk to you about anything. But usually, they will just ask the basic info about yourself. If you order a drink also for the lady, she will feel you like her, and she will hope you will ask her for a dance. But you don't have to do it. You still have a chance to reject her and stay alone. No one will be mad at you.

Dollars behind a girl's panties

But if you like the girl and you want her to be the first strip club dancer of your life, there is nothing to wait for. Tell her about your feelings. She will tell you the offer. And if you agree, she will take you to the paradise. That's how easy it is. Always remember the price she told you to avoid paying more than you should. But in high-level strip clubs, they respect their customers and won't try any scam. Before the lap dance, she will tell you what you can do and can't do. Usually, they let you touch them anywhere except the private parts. But in some strip clubs touching costs extra, so always ask what you get for your money.

How to avoid being scammed at a strip club

Many people are afraid of being scammed inside a strip club. But is it really that bad? It depends on several factors. If you visit a professional high-quality strip club, the probability of being scammed is close to zero. They really don't need to get more money from you than you are willing to give them. But if you visit some shady strip club, you have to be careful. When they see you have a lot of money, they will want to get them all from you.

The most usual scam at strip clubs is asking for more money than the girl originally told you. You can avoid any conflict if you ask the price before, ask what is allowed, and pay it beforehand. Follow these rules, and you won't have any trouble. We have already told you about the high prices of drinks. But even if you pay so much, you can end up with a drink mixed with water. You can avoid it by ordering a bottled beer or Coca Cola. You should watch them open the bottle in front of you to ensure your drink is not mixed with water, or with anything else. The last tip is, don't get drunk. When you are drunk, you make bad decisions, and they will try all their tricks to get more money from you. You really don't want to wake up the next day with an empty wallet.

Etiquette rules in a strip club

Although we have told you some tips on how you should behave at a strip club, there are a few more rules you should follow to be a respected visitor in such clubs. You won't find this strip club etiquette anywhere officially, but believe us, the girls will appreciate it if you behave according to it.

#1 Respect the girls

You may think you are a customer and you are the master of them all. But nope, that's not how it works at a strip club. And it usually doesn't work anywhere this way. Even if you get money, you have to follow all the rules. If you treat the dancers nicely, they will treat you the same way. 

#2 Don't ask the dancers to marry you

You wouldn't believe how often the strip club girls have to reject the marriage proposals. Every man dreams of having such a beautiful lady at home. But you can't buy her. In most cases... Even if you are rich, it doesn't mean the girl will quit her job only to marry you. Don't be a fool.

#3 Make a personal connection but keep it cool

When you are talking with the girl in the club, you may find her nice. Of course, it's still her job to make you feel that way. But in some cases, she finds out you are a cool guy, and she asks you to follow her Instagram profile to stay in touch. Now, you would think the dream is coming true. If you are a lucky man, she can end up in your bed. But that's unlikely to happen. The rule is simple, don't fall in love with a stripper. You can chat with her, you can try your luck but never stalk her, never harass her. If she says no, don't go to her work to ask her for reasons. Just forget about her.

#4 Strip club is not a brothel

Many people forget this. If you want to have sex, don't go to a strip club. The girls here are dancers, not whores. You will offend them if you offer them money for sex, and you can be even kicked out of the club.

#5 Always wear deodorant

Even if you think your sweat smells good, it doesn't. Don't make the work for the girls harder. It's really not easy for them to dance on your lap while having to hold their breath. But if you will wear some fancy perfume, they appreciate it.

#6 Don't cum in your pants

This is the last rule from our strip club etiquette. We probably don't have to add anything to it. But you never know. Of course, you will get horny when the most beautiful girl you have ever seen is rubbing against your hard dick. But if you feel you are about to cum, stop her, tell her what's going on, and everything will be fine. Don't be worried she will laugh at you. Not only she won't do that, but most likely, she will appreciate it.

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