How to make your penis bigger [6 Real Ways]

Penis enlargement

An age-old question, and we are here to answer it. Yes, we know how important for every man is his penis, because the size doesn’t influence only sex life, but it also influences the self-confidence. And women don’t love shy men. They want a leader, they want a guy who knows what to do in every situation. And they want to have sex with such a guy. So be that guy, don’t let your penis size be an obstacle for enjoying the best time of your life. You can have sex with girls you only dream of. You just have to show that you have balls. Big balls and a huge cock that will destroy every girls’ pussy. If you don’t think you can do that, we have for you some important information about penis enlargement, which will certainly help you.

If you think girls wouldn’t be satisfied with your dick, you can try many methods for improving your instrument. The basic enhancement is, of course, making him bigger. Enlargement of the penis means not only increasing its length, but also the girth, which is often more important for women. We looked at different methods of penis enlargement, and we even tried some ourselves! You can find out below how our testing turned out and other advice on how you can painlessly enlarge your penis.

Do I need to enlarge my penis?

Many men have a false impression that their penis is too small, although this is not true at all. When you watch porn, you see men with almost unreal huge cocks. And you think you have to have such a big penis if you want to satisfy a woman. But penis size in the porn industry is completely different from the average penis size. Therefore, never compare your penis length with porn actors. Girls don’t even want those massive dicks. Their pussy is not bottomless, you know.

Women do not have a desire for really massive penises, which does not even fit into them properly. They also want to enjoy sex so that they do not have to worry about their internal organs, into which huge penises bump. Several studies have focused precisely on women's desires. And the results of these researches may have been surprising to some, but certainly not to women themselves. If you think girls are hoping you have in your trunks some 20-centimeter dick, you are wrong.

Big penis

Of course, every girl dreams of getting fucked at least one time in their life by some really huge cock, but usually, it’s also the last time. When they find out it’s more painful than enjoyable, they will go back for regular penis size. We will talk about the average size later, now let’s have a look at the research, where women chose the ideal penis size. The experts put dildos of various length and girth in front of them, and they had to choose which one would be ideal for them.

And what are the results? The winner dildo was 16 centimeters long and had a girth of 12 centimeters. Can you believe it? I hope you already have a ruler in your hand and doing some own research if your penis meets the girls’ requirements. But one thing is what girls want, and the other thing is what they get. If they had to choose between two men to have sex with, they would certainly choose the one with a bigger penis. So now you have to hope, your dick is at least of the average size because that would make your chances much higher. Or you should use some methods of penis enlargement.

What is an average penis size?

Now comes the time, you will learn the truth. We gathered information from many studies that investigated the penis sizes around the world, and we can finally answer almost every question about average penis length and average penis girth. Be prepared to hear for someone good news, for someone really bad news. If you thought your dick could compete with other penises, now you will find out where the truth is.

It really matters where you are from. It’s well known that Asians have much smaller penises than Europeans or African Americans. If you want to know the average penile length from all over the world, we prepared for you the detailed article here: Average Penis Size. But now we will talk only about the numbers, we are interested in. Do you think 15 centimeters is ok? Or is 10 centimeters enough to make a girl achieve an orgasm? Some important questions, and here are the answers.

Average penis size

Fifteen centimeters in length are more than the worldwide average. Maybe now you are surprised, but that’s the truth. The official average penis size is 13.8 cm (15.4 in) in length, and 11.7 cm (4.6 in) in girth. Yes, now I think many of you are happy but don’t forget what we have said earlier, girls are not satisfied with only average dick, they want 16 centimeters large penis.

But the truth is still the same, size matters. Do you want to surprise a girl when she first sees you naked? I don’t think 14 centimeters would be enough. You know, every girl must be fucked hard, and to do that, you need some huge cock. You need to show her you are the one. The one who can make her shaking while achieving instant orgasm after you shove your big dick in her wet pussy. She has to feel the dick inside her. She must be worried that your cock won’t fit in her tight cunt. That’s the only way you could make your girl so happy, you don’t have to worry about any other man.

Best ways for the penis enlargement

To be sure, every girl in your bed will be satisfied with you and your performance, you can try some male enhancement. I know you thought you don’t need it, but every centimeter counts. It makes a real difference when you fuck your girl, and you can reach the spot where she will go crazy when you touch it with your big penis. You don’t want to make a girl bored when your small cock is moving in her vagina, and she doesn’t feel anything. You have to stretch that pussy wide and fuck her so hard, she will beg you to stop because she will be in constant multiple orgasms. That’s what you want, and that’s what the girl needs from you. And you have to do anything, to make your girl happy, remember that. Penis enlargement is the option here.

1) Penis stretching, cock massage

The first technique we will talk about is penis stretching. You don’t need any special devices, you use only your hands to make your penis longer. This penis enlargement method is the easiest way how to increase penis size. If you want to see the results, you need to wait a month or two, but you have to do it regularly. It will take only 10 minutes a day, and you can do it whenever you want to. This technique is really simple, just follow the steps.

But first, some important notes. At first, your penis must be flaccid. Don’t try to do that with erection, because you can hurt yourself. When it becomes discomfort or painful, stop doing it. After your penis relaxes, you can continue. It’s recommended to do this exercise only once or twice a day. If you are too greedy, you can end up in the hospital. Don’t forget, it’s your penis, be nice to him.

How to stretch your penis:

  • First, take the head of your penis in your hand.
  • Pull the penis to the left for 10 seconds.
  • Then pull it to the right for another 10 seconds.
  • The last move is pulling it upward for ten seconds.
  • You can repeat all these steps once or twice a day for 5 minutes.

If you do this right, you should see micro-tears in the tissue on your penis. These tears are fine if they start to heal themselves. That’s the point of stretching. When those tears are healing, the skin is becoming larger, so your penis will look longer. As I said, give it some time, and you will be surprised.

If you are done with the length, you can also increase your girth. This will make your girl really happy, when she finds out, she has a problem to fit your “new” cock inside her pussy. To make that happen, you can use the technique called jelqing (pronounced as jelking, sometimes wrong written as jelquing). And again, for successful results, follow the next steps.


How to jelq:

  • Make an “okay” sign with your index finger and thumb. That means you should now have those fingers in the O shape.
  • Hold the penis at its base in the okay sign and make the sign smaller, until you feel the pressure in your penis.
  • Now slowly move from the base to the head of the penis.
  • Do it again and again for about twenty minutes, once a day.

Does jelqing work? It’s hard to say. Some men say it made their penis bigger, others say it had no effect. It seems that the original size and shape of the penis here matters. So you should try jelqing exercises by yourself and see if you can make your cock girth larger. It costs nothing, and you will always find 20 minutes of your free time to massage your penis.

2) Penis enlargement surgery

You could think it should be easy for doctors to find some way to make dicks bigger. They have been trying it for centuries, but they still haven’t found the right method. But some of them are really close. For example, Penuma with their penile implant for cosmetic enhancement. But also others are not far from success. We looked at those methods, and maybe some of you would be so curious, they will be even willing to try it.

The most common method for surgically making a penis bigger is fat injection. The doctors will take your own fat from another body part, and using a syringe, they will transfer it into your penis. It looks easy, it is easy, but the results are not very impressive. It could make your dick bigger, but not as much as you have hoped. The surgery could increase your penis length by an inch, and the girth by a half an inch. This penis enlargement is not permanent; after some time, the dick will go back to its original size.

Another method with the help of the specialist is plastic surgery on your penis. But it’s not cheap, and it’s quite dangerous for your health. So you should really think this through if you are willing to risk the function of your little mate. In this procedure, doctors will cut the penis ligament, so it will hang out a little further. It’s hard to imagine, and it costs about 9,000 dollars. Risky, and expensive, and adds only about half an inch to your penis length.

But there is one method that has a one hundred percent success rate when it comes to penis enlargement. It’s a silicone implant Penuma. This silicone sleeve is inserted under the skin, and it almost completely embraces the penis. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s really working. Moreover, Penuma is the first FDA-cared penile implant. It will make the girth a lot larger, and your penis a little bit longer too. You can choose between free sizes - Large, Extra Large, and Extra-Extra Large. Of course, there are some negatives. It’s quite expensive because one implant costs around 15,000 dollars. And you have to be six weeks without sex after the surgery. But if there is a real chance to make your penis larger, no obstacle is high enough.

3) Penis extenders

There are many inventions that promise you they will enlarge your penis. But do penis extenders work? We asked ourselves the same question, so we had to use it on our own. Yes, a whole month, we tried different penis extenders, and now we can tell you, it works! A little. These devices are really uncomfortable, and you have to wear them at least 6 hours a day. Every day your cock stretched with some device in your underwear. You should use it for at least 3 months, but after one month we felt really destroyed. Every day it felt so good when we could take this thing off the penis. But if you can make it, you will see great results. As well as we saw after only one month. Maybe you're wondering what is the best penis extender. And we did a research for you.

Quick extender

The first penis extender we tried was Quick Extender Pro. It’s number one on many review sites, so we couldn’t resist. At first, it didn’t look like it will be such a problem to wear it for a long time. The silicone body was quite comfortable, and the penis felt well. The first troubles started after a week of using. That’s the time, I think, it began to make my penis larger. After the month of everyday stress and pain, I was curious to find out the results. And the extender did it. It really made my penis bigger. Not much, but still, a half an inch counts, right?

The second type of penis extender we tried was the SizeGenetics Ultimate System. It works on the same basis as the Quick Extender Pro, and it was maybe a little more comfortable. But still, I can’t imagine wearing this device for longer than half a year. With this extender, you get full access to their exercise and training video library. So after 6 hours of wearing this machine, you can make your penis' growth even faster.

The last enlargement system we tried was Phallosan Forte. It has an interesting design, it uses hypoallergenic silicone for all contact points, and it can be adjusted whenever needed. It’s a little bit different concept than the two previous extenders, but it had the same efficiency. After one month, I repeat. Maybe after 6 months, there would be a bigger difference.

4) Male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pills come in many types and shapes. Vigrx, Vimax, we tried it all. But do they work? Every doctor will say to you that they can’t work. The doctors will say it’s not possible to enlarge your penis using only some pills. But the reviews tell the opposite. So, where is the truth? We tried it, and we can surely say two things. Those pills can help you with erection. Yes, your penis can last longer in erection, and you can experience positive changes in the frequency and quality of erections.

But. It has no effect on your original penis size. It says it can increase your penis size because of enhanced penile blood circulation. And that’s true, visually your dick looks a little bit bigger. So if you want to surprise your girl with your stone hard cock, these pills are the perfect choice.

5) Vacuum penis pumps

This solution is quite reliable, and it really works. It just has to work because of its concept. But this method for penis enlargement is only temporary. It doesn’t last a really long time, so it’s not the best solution for hard and long sex. But if you want to try the limits of your dick, these penis pumps are the best solution. You can make your cock so big, every girl would love to fuck with you. But then she will be disappointed when in the middle of great sex, your dick would shrink to its original size.

Bathmate - penis pump

You can use different types of a penis pump. Some are automatic, and to use others, you have to use your hand. We tried the Bathmate Hydromax pump, and we were really surprised by the result. It makes the penis a lot larger, not only in length but also in girth. We felt like a pornstar for a minute. The manufacturer says it will enlarge your penis forever if you use the pump every day for at least 3 months. After a month, we didn’t recognize any difference in our penis size. And I don’t feel safe to use the pump every day. Because after a week, my penis started to protest, and I had to take a break. But for quick sex, you won’t find a better solution.

6) Shaving your pubes

The easiest way to make your penis look bigger. If you shave your pubes, you add a lot visually to your penis size. You should do it regularly because it is also practical and hygienic. And you will have a better chance that the girl will suck your dick. Nice and easy.

Make your dick bigger

If you are not satisfied with your penis size, you have many options on how to deal with it. You can use some of the penis enlargement methods, or you can find some Asian girl with tight pussy. It’s up to you. We tried to save your time trying different methods, and now you can choose the right for you. But always be careful, because you have only one penis, and you don’t want to damage it. Because masturbation is always an option. The male enhancement options are still developing, and maybe in the future, it will be as normal as breast enlargement. But today, be satisfied with your dick and make your girl love it too.

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