Sex with a Sex doll in Comparison to Real Sex

Sex Doll vs. Real Sex

Masturbation is better than bad sex. But good sex is better than all masturbation. The feeling of having sex with a sex doll is amazing. The feeling of the body of your doll will drive you crazy. You will realize this is a new world with unmatched fun. Having sex with a sex doll is different from real sex. It can be fun but it depends on the sex taste and preference. Some prefer real sex and some are addicted to having fun with a sex doll. To compare these two, we will look at the following factors.


You want to feel the desire when having sex. It is thrilling when you experience a deep desire for your partner. Dolls lack such incredible mannered intellect. If you are into real sex, you won’t get convinced that dolls provide intoxicating lust. Sex dolls are better than women if you have been rejected. If no one has desired you and if you are frustrated because love dolls will not reject you. If you are not resilient enough to handle the pain and rejection of real sex, capitalize on the sex doll from BestRealDoll.

Personal Priorities

If you have a problem respecting your partners’ feelings and needs, a love doll is best for you. A sex doll is better than real sex if you don’t want to use social skills or learn. If the simulation is your ultimate goal, invest in a love doll. If you don’t like disagreements, a sex doll is for you. On the other hand, you can interact better with real person than with a doll. Real sex is better if you appreciate things out of the act. If you talk dirty, want an emotional connection, real sex is better than having sex with a doll.


Having sex with a doll is different from sex with real women in several ways. The sex part is similar but there are some differences. You don’t have to worry about pregnancy with a sex doll. There are several styles you can try with a sex doll and satisfy your aspirations. Some of these styles a real woman cannot handle.

A sex doll won’t betray your feelings even though she can’t talk to you. If you care for it well, it can last up to 10 years. Having sex with a real woman is real because you will have eye contact. You will have more passion in bed and you will have a better response. But a sex doll is good for all singles who enjoy a simple life.


It’s easy to differentiate between having sex with a doll and a real woman. Some scenarios make each sex memorable. Whether you would prefer having real sex or with a sex doll, it narrows down to taste and personal preference. For real sex dolls, BestRealDoll has the best collection of love dolls. But as it stands, the future of sex dolls looks bright with the latest technology. More people are buying sex dolls and you can also have one for yourself.

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