Most popular male pornstars in 2019

Although most women do not like to admit it, porn today is not just a matter for men. Even women like to look at the nude, elaborate bodies of male protagonists, and they also carry their favorite dudes in their heads. Then, of course, there are also people who only search for male gay porn, where the performance of porn actors is essential. In this article, we bring you a list of several actors who by their popularity exceed a large number of female actresses and were the most sought after in 2019.

List of the most popular male Pornstars in 2019 (click on name for faster navigation)

1. Jordi El Nino Polla4. Johnny Sins7. Rocco Siffredi
2. Alex Adams5. James Deen
3. Owen Gray6. Mark Rockwell

1. Jordi El Nino Polla

This Spanish skinny guy is far from being the prototype of a classic porn actor. On the street you would definitely not say that he is currently one of the busiest porn actors. And yet he somehow impressed the creator of porn and you can see him in many events not only with men, but more often with women. Jordi, however, has a secret weapon that she is not afraid to pull out whenever it is needed, see for yourself.

2. Alex Adams

Mountain of muscles and proper cock characterize Alex Adams. Exactly these things make him one of the most successful porn actors of today. He has already made over 400 videos, which were seen by 2.1 billion people. Alex focuses on the scenes with the ladies, and it's very likely that you have ever encountered him while watching.

3.Owen Gray

The third place in our ranking is another American porn actor, who succeeded not only because of his amazing penis, but also because of his body covered with many different colored tattoos. Thanks to them, Owen Gray is immediately recognizable from his colleagues, and if you come across him, you can be sure that he will do a truly impressive job.

4. Johnny Sins

One of the most popular porn actors ever to make adult movies. Another man you recognize right away, for his muscular body and bald head thanks to which you know right away who on the scene is. He also gained popularity thanks to his communication on social networks with his fans. If you contact him, you may be lucky enough to write back.

5. James Deen

Long-term number one among male porn actors cannot be missing from our list. His best years are probably already over, but that does not mean that there is still nothing to look at. Although his scandals, when he was accused of sexual violence, cost him a lot of fans, he did not relent in his work and gradually gained almost everyone back. James Deen is one of those you can't miss while watching quality porn.

6. Mark Rockwell

This gentleman proves that even in his forties the man is not at the end of his breath. On the contrary, it can capitalize on his experience and offer his fans a great show. He can also entertain women in many ways, whether they are professionals or hot amateurs, he fucks everything. Mark Rockwell with his unmistakable tattoo on his right hand can get you horny.

7. Rocco Siffredi

In the end we kept a guy who, despite his advanced age, can handle much younger girls. Rocco Siffredi, originally from Italy, is far back in his fifties, but his appearances are still very energetic. While other men of the same age are already looking forward to retirement, Rocco still shows up in her favorite hardcore bits.

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